the voice of God

Hear Ye the Rod

The outline below reveals unequivocally, that it is only the ROD's publication that the Lord DEMANDS should be printed and distrubuted to mother. Any thing else is a COUNTERFEIT. (See Ex.7:8-12)


"The Association's literature, The Shepherd's Rod Series, draws its title from the rod of Moses the shepherd of Midian. In the exodus of his day, it was that rod which emancipated the children of Israel from the Egyptians and later smote the waters of the Red Sea, providing a haven of refuge for the fugitives and setting a death-trap for their pursuers. For this reason the literature takes the name "Shepherd's Rod" to identify and distinguish its special work.... "The Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: Hear ye the rod, and Who hath appointed it." Mic. 6:9. (Lev. p4)


"HEAR YE THE ROD" Question--What is the Lord's counsel concerning the Voice of Elijah's publications? And what is the title of them? The answer comes through Micah the prophet:


"Because in that day the Lord is both to shepherd the faithful and to punish the unfaithful, the message which announces this "great and dreadful day" (Mal. 4:5), is titled, The Shepherd's Rod. "The Lord's voice," therefore, "crieth unto the city, "Hear Ye the Rod and Who Hath Appointed it." Micah 6:9. {TR #9 P 61}


"The Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: hear ye the Rod, and Who hath appointed it." Mic. 6:9.


"Here is a Rod which speaks; and its voice, the scripture points out, is the voice of God to His people. And since "The Shepherd's Rod," the publications which contain the message of "the great and dreadful day of the Lord," is the only Rod that has ever spoken, (then it is the "Rod" publications which the Lord demands all to hear.) Some may call the publications "offshoot," others may call them "rubbish" ("Counsels on Sabbath School Work," p. 29), but the Lord titles them the Rod." and His counsel is that we hear Its voice. In truth, since the Rod is a symbol of authority, correction, and deliverance, then what other title could more fittingly signify that It is to deliver the penitent and do away with the impenitent? It was the Shepherd's Rod that freed ancient Israel, and the Lord has chosen "The Shepherd's Rod" to deliver modem Israel. It was a Rod that led the first Exodus, and it is now seen that a Rod is making ready to lead the second Exodus. (Isa. 11: 11; Mic. 7: 14, 15; Ezek. 20:36, 37). {GCS p35, 36}


"Unmistakably, therefore, the clear light shedding forth from type, from testimonies of the prophets, and from history, identify the message of the Rod as the only one ordained to lead the latter day church, freed from sin and sinners, into the land of promise, when "the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled." Luke 21:24. ...."Hear ye the Rod, and Who hath appointed it." Mic. 6:9. {Ans.# 3 p23}


"Manifestly, this rod is capable of speaking and of being heard, thus the command "Hear ye the Rod." So far as we know, the only rod that has ever spoken is "THE SHEPHERD'S ROD." Moreover, it was not the results of any studious searching of the Bible that the book was so named, the author was not familiar with this scripture, nor did he have any understanding of the book of Micah at the time the title "Shepherd's Rod" was given to the book.


"I for one cannot overlook, neglect, or reject the Lord's counsel in this matter. I must hear the Rod and Him Who has appointed It if I expect to have a home in His Kingdom. I cannot afford to do otherwise, God helping me, for He Himself declares that if I would know how to come before Him, what offering is acceptable to Him, how to do justly, how to love mercy and how to walk humbly before Him, I must hear the Rod that "crieth unto the city."


"Now it is up to all of us individually to decide whether we should hear the voice of man or the Voice of God's Rod. This is now every one's test and it must be everyone's concern, for one of these two voices - the voice of men or the Voice of God's Rod -- will determine everyone's destiny either for eternal death or for eternal life." {ITG #27 p7,8}

Question--Which pasture is responsible to put out ONLY the Rod publications?


"This Rod of God not only speaks but It feeds too. And what can It be if not "meat in due season"? if not the message of the hour? The people, explains the scripture, are those who dwell solitarily in the woods, in the midst of Carmel. Prophecy, for this day and hour recommends the message which the Rod contains, and which Carmel puts out, none other." {1TG 28 P 16}


"And now louder and louder sounds the voice of Carmel, through the series of The Shepherd's Rod publications, "the Lord's voice...unto the city, and," says the Divine Author, "the man of wisdom shall see thy name: hear ye the Rod, and Who hath appointed it." Mic. 6:9." {3ANS p62}


"We believe with all our hearts that God led in the establishment of Mt. Carmel Center, "in the midst of the land," and that from that divinely ordained hill should flow the "milk and honey" for the "remnant of Jacob." {2SC #7,8 p8}

Question--"Is The Shepherd's Rod Literature Also In Prophecy? To this question the prophet Micah answers:


Mic. 6:9 -- "The Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: hear ye the rod, and Who hath appointed it."


"You have now heard God Himself recommend that you hear the Rod -- yes, The Shepherd's Rod, for since Mjcah's day The Shepherd's Rod is the only rod that has spoken, the only rod that can be read and listened to. The wise shall see its name, and hear its voice and also Him Who has appointed it. They shall fill their vessels with the extra "oil" (Matt.25:4), says the Lord.


"Thus it is seen that not only is the Rod literature in prophecy" but that you are advised to hear it. If you neglect this opportunity, naturally you will be found with the sinners fostering the abominations in the church. But if you give attention to the voice of God through the Rod, you will receive God’s sealing approval." {2TG 34 p28, 29.}


"The Shepherd's Rod, the books that Inspiration so named and inspired its contents, being the only Rod in the world that can be heard speaking, the Lord commands that you should hear it, that you do not waste any time in deciding between the Rod literature and some other. For there is NONE OTHER today than the Rod literature which God recommends you to hear. And when you hear the Rod, you will find yourself wrapped in the love of Christ and in the "arms" of God. Try it." {2TG 34 p28, 29}


Question-- Are the (OLD) Symbolic Codes considers a part of the Shepherd's Rod message?


"The foregoing prophecies are now becoming history, and this prophetic organ "The Symbolic Code," proves to be the mouth piece of the Elijah message leading hundreds of S.D.A.'s in the work of helping this message to restore the defunct and decadent institutes of the Christian religion; for, as it is written, "Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things" (Matt. 17: 11), and "in the time of the end, every divine institution is to be restored." -- "Prophets and Kings," p. 678.)" {2SC. NO.9 p2}


"Brother, Sister, how is it with your soul? Pause here and examine yourself as to whether or not you have religiously put into practice all that you have heard the Rod speak through "The Symbolic Code" and the other publications of Present Truth." {2 SC. No.ll p3}


...."we request that all Present Truth followers refrain from teaching anything more or less than has been published in the Code, the books, and the tracts. The messages are plain in themselves, and you need not enlarge upon any point, but rather make sure that you, yourself, are walking in the light only as far as the light of Present Truth leads you." {2 SC. No.12 pll.}


"Please restudy the whole message, ---the two volumes of the "Shepherd’s Rod," the tracts, and the Code, and try to find out wherein you yourselves are not walking in its blazing light. Then correct the errors at once if you expect to obtain the promises of God. Do not neglect your only duty which should "engross the whole mind, the whole attention" and fit you for His eternal kingdom." {2 SC.No. 1 p3.}


Question--In explaining Micah 6:1, what are the MEANS that inspiration say is to carry that voice to the mountains and hills? The answer to this is found in the ninth verse.


"The Lord's voice crieth unto the city, and the man of wisdom shall see thy name: Hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it." Micah 6:9.... By what MEANS is the Lord's voice crying in the city (church)? The last part of the verse answers the question: "Hear ye the rod." To hear a rod, it must be the kind that can speak." {l SR p242}


Question-what is the ONLY spiritual food that God commands His people to be fed, and where is it found?


"Feed thy people with thy Rod, the flock of thine heritage, which dwell solitarily in the wood, in the midst of Carmel: Let them feed in Bashan and Gilead, as in the days of old." "Feed thy people with thy rod:" The verb "feed" is to be understood as spiritual food and that food (truth) is found in the "Rod," therefore we again have the command to give out the book ("Feed thy (God's) people.") {1 SR p243}


Question--Can some other book or publication that was not published by the prophet be called the Shepherd's Rod or Symbolic Code?


"The only rod God's people have ever been asked to hear is this "Shepherd's Rod." At the time we gave the name to this book, we knew nothing about the prophecies in the book of Micah, neither did we know this passage was there. We mean to say it is not any of our knowledge of this particular scripture that compelled us to name the book by that title, but we feel it was done by the same divine providence that brought about the entire truth, in order to fulfill the scripture." {I SR p243}


"It might be interesting to Elder G. to know that the naming of our "camp" "Mt. Carmel Center" came about in the same way as the naming of our publications "The Shepherd's Rod" for we did not know before hand that it was in prophecy until after our attention was called to Mic. 7:14 and Amos 1:2." {ISC #14p7}


"The Symbolic Code" proves to be the mouth piece of the Elijah message. {2SC #9 p2} The Rod speaks through "The Symbolic Code." {2SC #ll p3}


Question-According to the prophet Nahum, what literature should be greatly published and be given throughout Laodicea, and what will be the final results?


Nah. 1: 15 -- "Behold upon the mountains the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace! 0 Judah, keep thy solemn feasts, perform thy vows: for the wicked shall no more pass through thee; he is utterly cut off"


"Here you see that the announcement of this long- expected event is to be made by someone’s publications. Moreover, he publishes peace and thus announces the restoration of the Kingdom. (This is the only peace that the world can have. There is to be no other.) Those who keep God's solemn "feasts" and perform their vows shall have this peace. None others shall.


"Since God is not experimenting, and since He means just what He says, there should be no doubt in your minds that the Scriptures concerning antitypical Elijah (he who is to awaken the church and to warn the Laodiceans of "the great and the dreadful day of the Lord" make sure that he is one person. Of a surety, he is to have faithful helpers, but according to the prophet Nahum he will greatly make use of the printing press and will scatter his message by the -postage stamp every where, as the leaves of autumn. He will not care what is done with (his) publications, but will make sure that they find their way into all hands, laps, pockets, yards or waste baskets throughout Laodicea." {GCS p34}


"Then, too, spiritual "latter rain" must fall as freely and without cost to the recipients as does literal rain. Thus it is that never before has the world witnessed so much absolutely free literature scattered away as this literature is. Millions! So it is that these small comprehensive publications the bright clouds, laden with present Truth, are now being scattered as leaves of autumn throughout Laodicea to every church member, "to every one grass" in the vineyard of the Lord. The final results? "More than one thousand," attests Inspiration "will soon be converted in one day, most of whom will trace their first convictions to the reading of our publications." -- "Review and Herald," Nov. 10, 1885." {ITG 17 p5}


"Obviously "bright clouds" represent agencies conveying Truth which they scatter everywhere in the Lord's vineyard -- over every church member -- "every one grass," wheat or tare.


"Literally speaking, dark clouds suggest a very heavy and damaging rain that frightens the beholders. Conversely, bright clouds suggest a gentle rain, the kind that descends in such a way so that the ground can absorb all of it. It does not waste itself.


"Spiritually speaking, dark clouds would, therefore, represent a source of dangerous reading matter and too voluminous for one to welcome or to comprehend. But bright clouds stand for a source of small, easily comprehended Truth-laden publications packed with "meat in due season," Truth that comes in portions easy to take in, easy to assimilate all of It, and thus to develop the recipient of It for the "master's" use and for His service." {1TG #17p4,5}


"There has never been made so great an effort to awaken any people in any age, as the effort of today. Hundreds and thousands, yes, millions, of booklets have been scattered throughout the Denomination. These have been going now for over a decade." {ITG 52 p25}


--"the truths which we have been feasting on from this series of studies and which the Association has so freely and faithfully published in the Timely Greetings and other publications, and has scattered world-wide as leaves of Autumn -- a phenomenon which the Church has never before seen And when I say as the leaves of Autumn, I really mean just that for these leaves -- yes millions of them -- are dropped everywhere among the Laodiceans unsparingly, without price, and without obligation." {2TG 39 p18}


"Surely Micah 6 leaves no doubt whatsoever that the time is fully come for God's people to get down to business as never before. The message with which we have been entrusted, Inspiration commands, should "be scattered as the leaves of autumn." "Testimonies." Vol. 9. D2. 231. And here are the leaves." {I TG# 27 P II},


"Never in the annals of the Christian church has there been a shaking the like of that which is rapidly increasing as a result of the circulation of The Shepherd's Rod series of books and tracts throughout the rank and file of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination. It presents a singular and perplexing problem which human wisdom is utterly powerless to solve." {TR #2 p4}


"And just as soon as this message reaches every church member, just that soon will the purification takes place." {I TG 12 p26}


Question-- What publications does Inspiration recognize as the "suitable stratagem" that God will use to break down the wall of opposition?


"And now, opposition such as compelled Gideon to employ a suitable stratagem through the medium of his 300 chosen ones, unavoidably compels Jezreel likewise to employ as suitable a stratagem through the medium of his three chosen divisions -- (1) The Entering Wedge {2) the 1950 General Conference Special, and {3} this White-House Recruiter. Silently ablaze with the light of life, these are making their way through the opposition and are reaching captive hearts. But what fearful obstructions, entanglements, and hazards of Devil ism the Truth has to break through!" {WR p58}


Question--What are the items that the Prophet stated, that God has provided for quickly finishing His work and for cutting it short in righteousness.


"We shall venture here to tell you of a few items that God has now provided for quickly finishing His work and for cutting it short in righteousness. He has armed us with all the necessary Heaven-born credentials and helps and supplies so that, aside from the Devil's hell-bound wrath, though greatly restricted, there is nothing in our way to cause any hindrance or to limit this movement's success. Here follow some of the helps which, as you will see, are absolutely unique to this particular time and never before dispensed as freely as they are now:


"Everyone who endeavors to do whatever he or she can do, be it little or much, be it part or full time is now provided with free literature of unlimited amount, with free transportation, be the trip a mile or a thousand miles long, and whatever expenses one may incur by his busying himself in this great and grand work, are all paid by this Layman's Movement." {Jezreel Letter No 4 p2, 3}


"Here you are plainly told that in the gathering time the servants of God are compelled first to fish His people, then to hunt them. Since our first contact with them has been through the literature it, therefore, must be the fishing. Rightly so, too because as it is scattered everywhere as the leaves of autumn, the fish come to examine it, find it good for food, take a bite and get hooked, so to speak. Now, however, we are in the hunting period, and we have already begun to hunt them, be they in the city or in the country, in places easy to get to, or in places hard to get to." {Jezreel Letter No 9 p5, 6}


"Twelve truck loads or approximately 700,000 pieces of literature were taken to the hunters and disseminated by them during the past hunting season. And as names and addresses continue to flow in, more and more pieces of literature will continue to flow out until finally the saturation point will be reached and the work for the church will quickly wind up." {10 SC N02 p21}


"Since the antitypical prophet Elijah, who appears just before the great and dreadful day of the Lord, just before the Judgment day for the living, finds the church overrun by the Devil as badly as was the Jewish church in Christ's day, and as the saints, the first fruits, are to be rescued one by one, He at first sends fishers to fish them out and afterwards hunters to hunt them out (Jer. 16: 16). Thus He gathers them one by one (Isa. 27: 12, 13). And so it is today they are fished by this free literature", and are now hunted by men right to their houses, be they in the city, village, or countryside. ..... Plainly, then, whatever the Lord has to say in this chapter is for our learning and for our own special and present needs. It is a communication especially addressed to us and unsealed at this particular time so that we may know what God would have us do and how to do it so that quickly all things be restored." {1 TG 9 p5, 6}




Question-- According to Inspiration, how can Davidians avoid handing out "dung?"


Ezek. 4: 12, 15 -- "And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh out of man, in their sight. --- Then He said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow's dung for man's dung, and thou shalt prepare thy bread therewith."


"In the preparation of them, though, is where the objectionable part comes in, for Inspiration points out that these were baked on "dung" instead of on wood, emphatically denoting that these truths were defiled by men while being prepared fur the flock. And what else could the preparation be but the private additions, omissions, perversions, and misapplications by uninspired men who preach from the pulpits on these subiects, and who write the so-called pure Bible truths and hand them to the people?


"To find exactly the beginning of the 430-year period, we must first find the year the period ended, the year in which antitypical Ezekiel arose and began to sound the warning, the year in which the Spirit of Truth unrolled the scroll and brought in an abundance of Divinely inspired pure and unadulterated Truth (not baked upon dung), not by weight and not by measure either, -- the truths which we have been feasting on from this series of studies and which the Association has so freely and faithfully published in the Timely Greetings and other publications, and has scattered world-wide as leaves of Autumn -- a phenomenon which the Church has never before seen! And when I say as the leaves of Autumn. I realy mean just that, for these leaves -- yes. millions of them - are dropped everywhere among the Laodiceans unsparingly, without price, and without obligation." {2TG #39 p 16-18.}


"And lay siege against it, and build a fort against it, and cast a mount against it; set the camp also against it, and set battering rams against it round about." Ezek. 4:2.


"To "lay siege against it, means, of course, to invade it with an army of reformatory workers and compel it to surrender -- to come to the knowledge of the truth herein revealed. Very evident it is, then, that the message of the hour, and IT ALONE, should be brought before the people of God." {SR Tr. #1 p74}


The Third Decree To Build "The Temple"


QUESTION-What is the title of the message that will fulfill the work of Ezra 6: 11-15, and the results of those who alters it.


"As the first and second decrees by the kings of Medo-Persia had failed to complete the construction of the temple and restore the sacred typical service, a third decree was set forth, then the king added: "Also I have made a decree, that whosoever shall alter this word. let timber be pulled down from his house, and being set up, let him be hanged thereon; and let his house be made a dunghill for this." (Ezra 6: 11)


"It will be noticed that the third decree threatened the lives of disloyal men and nations: "Whosoever shall alter this word," said the king, "let his house be made a dunghill for this." So much for the type. Now we come to the anti-type. The type reveals that the messages of 1844 and 1888 are to be followed by a third one. But according to the type, the third message is to be a severe one. A message that will demand obedience and enforce executive judgment upon those who would oppose its decree. And according to the type, it is the third message that will accomplish its mission.


"In 1929 just such a message came to the Seventh-day Adventist church, and it was put in writing and published in 1930, entitled "The Shepherd's Rod," Volume 1. And as the message went to all the sisterhood of churches (as far as possible) throughout the world, the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side, was told: "(See Ezek. 9: 4-6] {2SR p278,279.) As the decree by the king of Medo-Persia declared to the foes of the house of God saying: "Whosoever shall alter this word let his house be made a dunghill for this." Just so the Word of God has declared now, "slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women." If such a message as this would not convince the professed people of God to do better, then what can do it? Nevertheless, as God's purpose was carried out in the type, just so it will be in the anti-type. It is remarkable to note how perfectly the anti-type coincides with the type." {2SR p278, 279}




The above references make it very clear that "it is the Rod publications which the Lord demands all to hear," "and that it alone should be brought before the people of God."


It also makes it crystal clear the only spiritual food the people of God should be fed with, is the "Rod."


God prophecied through the prophet Nahum, that His servant- antitypical Elijah, along with his faithful helpers, will greatly make use of the printing press, and will scatter (His) message- (The Shepherds Rod literature,) these small comprehensive publications as the leaves of autumn, to every one grass in the field.


God did not authorize for any one to use His presses to print any thing other than the Shepherds Rod Literature according to Nahum's prophecy.


To those of us who choose not to put a stop to the (altering) printing and publishing of unauthorized materials, such as, The Unpublished Codes, from 10 SC#3 onward, and the other " Special designed Symbolic Code" that are printed for Laodicia, according to our bylaws "Article V111, section 1c, (which has erroneous doctrines,) will reap the consequences of your "house be made a dung hill" - Ezk.9. They are not the voice of Elijah, they were not published by him, and therefore it is not the Rod.


"Now it is up to all of us individually to decide whether we should hear the voice of man or the Voice of God's Rod. This is now every one's test and it must be everyone's concern. For one of these two voices - the voice of men or the Voice of God's Rod -- will determine everyone's destiny either for eternal death or for eternal life." {ITG #27 p7, 8}


Let not the history of Battle Creeks fire as recorded in 8T pp 90-103 be repeated with us. God destroyed Battle Creeks publishing house because of the unauthorized materials they were printing.


Mountaindales print shop was burnt down by individuals connected with the General Conference, because of the massive infiltration of the Rod literature that was distributed in the churches. (Please do not compare the two), and all we had at that time was a little AB Dick 360 one colour press.


After that incident, God not only blessed us with advance printing equipments, but also a beautiful publishing house in Yucaipa California, with a qualified printer, Bro. Dave Wilson.


But some time later, things started to deteriorate to the point we are at, which is a total disaster. May God help us.


Those of us who were the vanguards in believing that God's Headquarters should be "in the midst of the land," sacrifice all to come to Waco because of our conviction on the word of God. It was our hope and desire that upon coming back here that all things would be restored to its origin. It was also our desire that Mt Carmel Center, the name of the camp of Ezk.4 would once again be "a sign to the house of Israel," "even a blessing in the midst of the land." Sad to say, we are neither a "sign" or a "blessing."


It is our prayer, that God will use this website as a means in reaching the grass root members of all Associations, so that upon your conviction of the truths herein, a great revival and reformation will be witness among Davidians, which in turn, will cause a shaking within Laodicea.


We leave with you these closing thoughts, hoping that those who are in violation of the above references will take heed.


"We solicit the prayers of God's faithful people that we may do nothing that would dishonor Him, retard His work, or cause any to stumble. May we all be faithful in this sacred trust that is committed unto us and keep "Mt. Carmel Center" as sacred a place as when Mt. Sinai shook at the presence of the Lord and as it was proven on ancient Mt. Carmel that the Lord was God and not Baal, and as then the Lord rid Israel of the false prophets (teachers), may He now by "Mt. Carmel Center" do as much and more so, for the Lord wants this place to be a refuge for all who make no "excuse" -- for "the poor, the maimed, and the halt, and the blind" of the "city," and of the "highways and hedges" who feel their need of Him." {1SC #11, 12 p3}


"The responsibility which God has placed upon us at this time is so great that no human mind can fully comprehend it or take it too seriously; that is, God has given us the "words of life" to bear to His erring church, thus placing the light for the people in our hands! In other words, we stand as it were at the helm of the great ship aboard which are God's people, and if we wreck it, everyone will fall overboard. Hence, if we could realize how great would be that fall, we too, would sweat "great drops of blood." It may be that He Who did calm the mad waters with the words, "Be still," will divide the sea and thus, without the aid of the ship, lead on to shore those who are not responsible for its fall. But woe to us should we either by an unconcerned, half-hearted effort, or by a zeal which is not informed by divine power bring about such a fearful catastrophe." {1SC #10 p1}


"Never greater task has been asigned to any religious institution than the one which has been intrusted to Mt Carmel. Therefore the enemy will now, as in time pass, do every thing possible to hinder the work and prevent the 144,000 from receiving "the seal of God." Says the Spirit of Prophecy:


"The institutions established there are God's instrumentalities for accomplishing His work in the earth. For this reason Satan is on the ground, exercising his ingenuity to embarrass and hinder. He comes with his temptations to men and women connected with these institutions, whether in responsible positions or doing the humblest work, and if possible he so ensnares them with his devices that they lose their connection with God, become confused in judgment, and are unable to discern between right and wrong. He knows that the time will surely come when the spirit that has controlled the life will be made manifest, and he is glad to have the lives of these persons testify against them that they are not co-workers with Christ." {5T 407.1}{5SC #1-5 p7}


"If Mt. Carmel Center is to be true to its name, and stand as an antitype of that ancient hill to which God called His people of old to prove who was the true God, then we, who are so highly privileged as to be among those chosen to pioneer this march up the mountain, must be very sure that we can do more than just say, "The Lord, He is the God, the Lord, He is the God," lest we fall under the condemnation of the false prophets, who were slain at the close of that memorable day when Elijah met the prophets of Baal on the ancient Mount, bearing the same name we have chosen, where we are now to be tested as to whether we will follow God or Baal." (1SC #13 p1.)


"No one is wanted on "Mt. Carmel" who has not studied through and through the message of..."The Shepherd's Rod;" who is not fully convinced on every point of its teaching; and who is not willing to comply with the divine rules and principles which govern the inhabitants on this mount of "green pastures," except their coming be for a visit only.


"And though they hide themselves in the top of Carmel, I will search and take them out thence; and though they be hid from My sight in the bottom of the sea, thence will I command the serpent, and he shall bite them." (Amos 9:3.)(2SC #12p10.)


John 10:1 -- "Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by  the door into the sheepfold, but  climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber."

"Do you want to get into the "sheepfold"?  If you do, you must get in through the "Door."  If you gain entrance in some other way, eventually you will be cast out into outer darkness, there to gnash your teeth.  From these alternatives we all must make our choice.


John 10:2 -- "In verse 9 Christ said, "I am the door."  Connect verse 9 with verse 2, and you will see that those who enter in through the Lord's way are the only ones whom He acknowledges as shepherds of His flock.  The Lord, therefore, implies that there are unauthorized shepherds herding His sheep.


John 10:3 --"The porter, the one in charge, opens the door only to those who have complied with the requirements for admission.  In other words, the Lord is plainly telling us that no one may dodge the porter's inspection and forever get by.  And yet in spite of this warning, and in spite of the fact that to go through the door is even easier than to climb over the fence, some choose to take a chance stealing their way in -- pretending to be in the "faith" thus getting into the sheepfold and hoping to take over or to get a following.  It is, however, not possible to induce God's true sheep to follow them for they know the true Shepherd's Voice.


"Only those who gain entrance through the Door and to whom "the porter" (the one through whom the Spirit of Prophecy is manifested) opens are the authorized shepherds whose voices God's sheep hear.  All such shepherds call the sheep by name: They are well acquainted with their flocks because they are intensely interested in them, and they carefully lead them in and out.


"Here the student of present Truth will note that by this illustration Christ points out that the only shepherds that He recognizes as His are those to whom the "porter" opens the Door and invites them in.  The student will also note that all others are branded as imposters.  And the sheep that hear the false shepherd's voice, He declares, are not His sheep.

John 10:4 -- "Since His sheep know not faces, but know voices, then, those who pay attention to faces and who cannot differentiate between voice and voice are sure to be misled by self-appointed shepherds.  But those who give heed only to the Voice, the Voice of Truth, are gently led in for shelter and out for green pastures.  God's people are not bothered with faces, but they do give earnest heed to God-appointed voices uttering Truth.


John 10:5, 8, 10 -- "God's sheep are thus carefully led in and out, both to shelter and to "meat in due season," to present Truth.  The "goats," though, those who dodge the porter while entering, must, of course, do so while coming out, too.  Consequently, they cannot be led by God's appointed shepherds.  Let us turn to John 14 and read but one verse.


John 14:6 -- "From this we see that Jesus is the only way to the Kingdom. The idea, then, that there are many ways whereas there is but one Jesus, and that they all lead to the Kingdom Eternal, is only a "hum of a humbug" that unsanctified hearts like to listen to.  They are of those who are dodging the porter at the "Door," of those who know that their deeds cannot stand inspection. (1TG #2 pp19-21.)


"In the year 1930, God again spoke to His people, as He spoke to Israel in the days of Joshua, but now, as then, there are among us the ten spies, the Korahs, Dathans, and Abirams, and the Achans--all such as love to make discouraging reports, who seek position, who covet the Babylonish garment, the silver, and the wedge of gold. And as a result, we also are held back, and will continue to be until the Lord manifests His power and takes from among us the pretending ones, makes us free from sin and sinners, as in the time of Korah and as in the time of Achan, and says to us as He said to Joshua "Go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people unto the land which I do give to them, even to the children of Israel." Josh. 1:2."  (Ans. #2 p55)


These references apply to those who are employed by God's Association, and are in violation to the teachings and principles that governs MT. Carmel Center. They are the unauthorized shepherds (otherwise are branded as imposters) who are hiding themselves on the top of Carmel. They are the ones that are holding back the work.

A Message From God To All Davidians