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Others With the 144,000





This subject has caused many divisions and problems within Davidia. By Laws are made defending this subject one way or the other, pending their belief. The purpose of this presentation is to put to rest the ever-long mystery and confusion on this doctrine.


The question is usually asked, if this subject is so important, why is it not clearly mentioned all over the Rod? Maybe these references will help.


“It is the intention of this book to reveal the truth of the 144,000 mentioned in Revelation 7 but the chief object of this publication is to bring about a reformation among God's people.” (1SR p4.)


“The primary purpose of The Shepherd's Rod is to unlock the long-concealed mystery concerning the ever-challenging and much discussed subject of the 144,000 (Rev. 14:1), with the central object in view of bringing about among God's people that "thorough reformation" foretold by the Spirit of Prophecy (Testimonies, Vol. 8, p. 251)”. (1SRP p4.)


What is the primary purpose of The Shepherd's Rod? It is to unlock the long-concealed mystery concerning the ever-challenging and much discussed subject of the 144,000 (Rev. 14:1) and to bring about a through reformation. That is the reason that others with is not mention all over the Rod.


Another reason why  much emphasis is placed on the 144,000 is because ancient Israel failed to accomplish the purpose that God intended; therefore they broke His covenant which He originally made with them.


 Due to the fact that Gods word cannot return unto Him void, also there is yet a work to be accomplished before His second coming (Matt. 24:14), He therefore called other Israelites at the eleventh hour to complete the work of ancient Israel. See Pk.299, 713, 714, 5T pp 454-456. That is the reason God revealed to John only Israelites. (144,000).


The principle of the unrolling of the scroll method will be used in this presentation, starting with the earliest reference by date.




“Again, we call your attention to the past and future tense of the scripture; while Rev. 14:13, is in future tense, Isa. 57:1, is in past.  This being present truth, it is easy to see that we, at the present time, stand between these two scriptures.  The predicted event for the purification of God's church is by no means a small one.  Those who cannot undergo the trial are laid in their graves, while 144,000 remain and will escape, but the balance in the church (now) shall perish in the ruin.  May God help His people.”1SR. 219.


(Note - no others with - living.)




“In 1929 just such a message came to the Seventh-day Adventist church, and it was put in writing and published in 1930, entitled "The Shepherd's Rod," Volume 1.  And as the message went to all the sisterhood of churches (as far as possible) throughout the world, the man clothed with linen, which had the writer's inkhorn by his side, was told: (Read Ezek. 9:4-6.)


“On this Scripture was the message based, prophetically declaring, that 144,000 will be marked, and the balance now in the church must suffer the consequences except they repent and march on with the truth of God.” (2SR 278, 279)


(Note – Possibility for others with living.)




“In regard to the specific event in question, if the questioner will open his SRod, Vol. 1 and carefully restudy page 219, he will clearly see that the context of the statement, "Those who cannot undergo the trial are laid in their graves," requires that it be fulfilled before Eze. 9. Hence, it can only apply to the righteous who die under the Third Angel's Message up to the purification of the church, fulfilling Isa. 57:1 and not Rev. 14:13.” (1SC #7 p8)


Note – Others with, dead. "Those who cannot undergo the trial are laid in their graves," is not because they do not have the blood of an Israelite, but because they cannot under go the trial.




Question: "Will those who are now accepting the S.D.A. faith during this sealing time be among the 144,000, or fall in the slaughter of Ezekiel 9?"


Answer: “All that are found members of the church at the fulfillment of Ezekiel Nine will either receive the seal and be of the 144,000, or else be left without and fall under the "slaughter weapons" of the "five men." Only those who "sigh and cry for all the abominations" in the church will escape from the destruction” (1SC #11, 12 p8.)


(Note – no others with - living.)


Question: "Will all but the 144,000 of the present S.D.A. denomination actually be slain in the separation?"


Answer: “All but those who do not receive the mark or seal, old or young, male or female, will fall under the slaughter weapons of the angels. (Ezek. 9:6.) Only those who sigh and cry for all the abominations in the midst thereof will receive the mark. (verse 4.) John saw 144,000 sealed (marked). If others from within the S.D.A. denomination besides the 144,000 should escape, it is not known to us” (1SC #15 p9)


(Note – did not have light as to others with - living.)




“All that are found members of the church up to the fulfillment of Ezekiel Nine will either receive the seal and be a part of or with the 144,000, or else be left without the seal and fall under the "slaughter weapons" of the "five men." (2SC #5, 6 p7)


(Note – possibility for others with - living)




“To Gather a Class Defiled With Women, A Second Fruits.”


“This class of saints must be those who have at one time been married to some unchristian mistress, a heathen church, and who consequently are not descendants of either Jacob or the Christian church.  So there are to be two harvests -- one from the church and one from the world: the record of the former, mentions only Israelites, the 144,000, those not defiled with women, though it does not say that there may not be others; while the record of the latter, however, definitely embraces a "great multitude" from all nations which must necessarily be both of undefiled and defiled ones -- Jews and Gentiles.” (9TR p56)


(Note – possibility for others with - living Gentiles with in the S.D.A church.)





Question No.  92:


"The Shepherd's Rod," Vol.  1, p.  30, makes the statement that the Seventh-day Adventist denomination numbered 300,000 at the time the book was written, this fact suggesting that about half, 144,000, are the five wise virgins and that the other half are the five foolish virgins.  But how can this be so when today the Denomination numbers 500,000?




“Writing in 1930, the Rod was necessarily speaking in terms, not of the then unknown membership of today, but of the established membership at that time.  And though the number then (300,000) did naturally suggest about an even division of members (two classes, good and bad--"wise virgins" and "foolish virgins"), yet as there are only 144,000 Israelites to be sealed, the number of the unsealed would have even then exceeded the number of the sealed.


“In the final analysis, however, it is neither the Rod's purpose nor its intent to say just how many wise and how many foolish there will be in this first-fruit harvest, for when the whole truth is made known, the figure of the "five wise virgins," besides comprehending the 144,000 from the tribes of Israel, may be found to include a considerable number from the Gentile nations.”   (4 ANS. 34, 35)


Note – possibility for living Gentiles to be saved in the first fruit harvest – the S.D.A church. See 2Tg #4 p15.


Question No.  93:


“Although I am not a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, yet since I have the light on Ezekiel 9 and on the truth of the 144,000, will I fall in the slaughter of the wicked if I do not fully accept and live up to the light? And, conversely, will I be subject to the enjoyment of the privileges of the 144,000 and be one of them if I obey all the light of this message?




“Even though you are not a member of the church, still you will be held accountable for the light which you have on the subject, for no one finds the truth accidentally, or sees it without the Holy Spirit's aid.


“By the same law of accountability or sacred responsibility, even though you may have come into the message only recently you can be eligible for the election of the 144,000 if you live up to the message that is to purify and seal them.  Whether or not for a certainty, however, you will be one of them, we do not know, but if you are faithful to the message, you will at least be one with them.  (4ANS. p35, 36)


Note – the possibility for the questionnaire to be one of or with the 144,000 is determined upon their faithfulness to the message that is to purify and to seal them. Bro. Houteff could not reveal as to what company they would belong, only God knows, but one thing is for sure, inspiration left the door open for others with, (living) and we should also.




“So, only those who survive the Judgment for the Living, in the house of God (1 Pet. 4:17), those whose names are not blotted out from the Book (Rev. 3:5) will comprise the church, among whom are to be 144,000 sons of Jacob.” (1TG #11 p11)


AMONG: (among the crowd. –Webster)


Note –This statement proves that others beside the 144,000 will escape the slaughter in the house of God.


In the context of how “among “is used in this reference, it is different how it is used in WR p46.


“But if you make your decision for the better, then you will receive God's mark (Ezek. 9; Testimonies To Ministers, p. 445) in your foreheads, be accounted faultless before His judgment throne, and be privileged either to come up in the resurrection of Daniel 12:2, or to stand aforehand with the Lamb on Mount Zion (Rev. 14:1), thence to carry God's message to all nations and bring all your brethren for an offering to "the house of the Lord." Isa. 66:19, 20.  You will become part of the first fruits, the nucleus, of the Kingdom Church, the token of the second fruits of the living, of those whom you subsequently bring in.


“As present-truth adherents in the first-fruit period, may God help us all, Brother Sister, to be either among or along with the first fruits, the 144,000.  It is left to every one himself to determine his own destiny.” (WR p46)


The latter is identifying two classes of the saved in the first fruit period, the living and the dead. To be a part of the living is to be among, and to be a part of the dead, along, where as in 1TG #11 p11 it is clearly identifying two companies of living saved who will survive the judgment, Israelites and Gentiles.


Both statements, 4 Ans and WR confirm that the first fruit harvest constitutes living and dead Israelites and Gentiles.




“No candid Bible student would build a theory upon an interpretation that would lead him to set aside all other scriptures on the subject. He will seek to make his final analysis in such a way as to be in perfect harmony with all of them, or else confess that he does not have the light on the subject.” (3 Ans. p53)


“No one by beginning to study a subject from the middle, backward or forward, can learn its continuity and know what it is all about.  If one is to learn the full truth of a subject, he must study it in its entirety.  Dogs and cats, not civilized human beings, start eating the slice of pie from the center out.   As intelligent human beings, as God's people, we ought to eat the pie correctly.” (1TG #5 p3)


Let’s look at this subject from another angle. Inspiration said,  “Close reasoners and logical thinkers are few.” (3T p143) In Rev 7:4, God revealed to John a numbered company from the twelve tribes of Israel, the SDA church.


Our pioneer brethren within the SDA church had a misunderstanding of this prophecy. They believed that as soon as the church reached that number that Christ would have come, not recognizing that there were also a great multitude that no man can number that is mention in V: 9. See 1TG. #12 p.18. In addition to that, we have the parable in Matt. 13.


Some of the modern day Davidians believe that the SDA church constitute blood lenient Jews alone, and only 144,000 will be saved as living saints, no others. This belief would leave one to think that blood is a requirement for salvation. (See Acts 17:26)



When ever we are making a decision on issues relating to the plan of salvation we need to thread softly. This is God’s prerogative.


Let’s go through the process of elimination. What is it that God did not reveal to John in Rev.7 (1) That dead Israelites who died in the faith will not be saved. (2) That dead Gentiles who died in the faith will not be saved. (3) That living Gentiles in the faith will not be saved. All it is saying is, from all the living Israelites within the SDA church, only 144,000 will be saved.


It is true that Bro.Houteff emphazied only 144,000 Israelites saved from Ezek.9. The key word is Israelites.  What we first need to find out is, is the SDA denomination made up lineal descendants of Israel and Judah only or those from the Gentile world also.


There are two types of Israelites, one by birth, the other by adoption. (Rom. 11:16, 17). When a Gentile (none Jew) accepts Christ vie the gospels (Rom. 1:16) they become a Jew by adoption, (grafted in) and heirs according to the promise. (Gal.3:28, 29.) See 3Ans. p76.


 Let’s hear the Rod on this point


“We are not to conclude that the Jews are the only descendants of Abraham.  Those who are fortunate enough to have this revelation brought to them, are the people.


“The descendants of the early Christian Jews and the descendants of the ten tribes, down the stream of time must have increased to a great innumerable multitude, for Abraham's seed was to be as the sand of the sea for multitude.  It is, therefore, obvious that the few identified Jews of today are not the only descendants of Abraham's, but that many of the Gentiles must be of Abraham.


“Since this mixed up situation exists, hardly any one can really say for sure that he is not one of Abraham's children.  Perhaps many of the nations whom the world calls Gentiles are the children of Abraham.  We do not know for sure who is who.  God, however, has kept a perfect genealogical record, for He says: "I will make mention of Rahab and Babylon to them that know Me: behold Philistia, and Tyre, with Ethiopia; this man was born there.  And of Zion it shall be said, This and that man was born in her: and the Highest Himself shall establish her.  The Lord shall count, when He writeth up the people, that this man was born there. Selah." Psa. 87:4-6.


“Furthermore, though one be of Gentile blood, if he truly accepts Christ he by his spiritual birth becomes of the seed of Abraham for says Inspiration, "If ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." Gal. 3:29.  The children of Abraham here addressed, therefore, are not to be sought among the identified unbelieving Jews, but among the Christians.” (1Tg #37 pp10, 11)


Though we are admonished by Inspiration to “strive with all the power that God has given us to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand” we are also told by the same Spirit that “though one be of Gentile blood, if he truly accepts Christ he by his spiritual birth becomes of the seed of Abraham and heirs according to the promise.”


Let us not be so concern about our pedigree, for what ever we prove to be, Jew or Gentile we shall be perfectly satisfied with our rewards.




The same gospel and its power that was extended to the Gentiles in the days of the apostles are also extended to them now and forever will.


“It was God's purpose that His grace should be revealed among the Gentiles as well as among the Israelites. This had been plainly outlined in Old Testament prophecies. See Hosea 1:10.


“From Paul's day to the present time, God by His Holy Spirit has been calling after the Jew as well as the Gentile.”There is no respect of persons with God," declared Paul.” (AA 376, 380)


“The apostle Paul gave the key to this whole prophecy by revealing the interpretation of that part of it which met its fulfillment in his day:


"Even us, whom He hath called, not of the Jews only, but also of the Gentiles?  As He saith also in Osee, I will call them My people, which were not My people;

and her beloved, which was not beloved.  And it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not my people; there shall they be called the children of the living God." Rom. 9:24-26.” (Tr.4 p12, 13)


Please note: The Bible, the SOP and the Rod supports the fact that from Paul's day to the present time, God by His Holy Spirit has been calling after the Jew as well as the Gentile.


Christ's Relation to Nationality


“Christ recognized no distinction of nationality or rank or creed. The scribes and Pharisees desired to make a local and a national benefit of all the gifts of heaven and to exclude the rest of God's family in the world. But Christ came to break down every wall of partition. He came to show that His gift of mercy and love is as unconfined as the air, the light, or the showers of rain that refresh the earth.


“The life of Christ established a religion in which there is no caste, a religion by which Jew and Gentile, free and bond, are linked in a common brotherhood, equal before God. No question of policy influenced His movements. He made no difference between neighbors and strangers, friends and enemies. That which appealed to His heart was a soul thirsting for the waters of life.”  (9T 190,191)




After the great disappointment in 1844, the Third Angel was commission to prophecy to many peoples, nations, tongues and kings, but not to all.


“Following this sweet-bitter experience, came the fulfillment of the angel's words: "Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings." Rev. 10:11.


“Here, too, as in Zechariah's prophecy, the Movement was to "prophecy again" or to "cry yet"; that is, repeat its mission, showing that probation was not closed.


“So on the authority of these scriptures, the movement was again, after the disappointment, to proclaim the gospel, but only to "many," not to "all."  Accordingly, the Seventh-day Adventist denomination in its 1844 commission, was to "prophesy" (teach), not to "all," but simply to "many," nations.  Necessarily, then, it must receive another commission, one to go to "all nations."(6T pp65, 66)


The word “many” does not exclude Gentiles; if that was the case then in Rev. 7:9 it would also have to exclude Gentiles. The deference between “many” and “all,” in the context of Inspiration has to do with quantity and not quality. See WR pp22, 23.


How wicked and illogical it would be for God to have commissioned the Third Angel to take the gospel to Gentiles also, only for them to be slaughtered because they do not have Jewish blood. Some Davidians believe that those without the blood will be laid to sleep before the slaughter and be resurrected after. In other words, they are good enough for resurrection but not translation. This is a Laodicean belief. See 1TG #12 p21.



They claim this understanding is supported by the Rod in 1SR. p219. Those that cannot undergo the trial and are laid in their graves, is not because they have the blood of a Gentile, the reason is that they are physical weak to endure the trial. The Prophet would have contradicted Him self if it was otherwise.


In addition, at the death of Christ, the door of salvation, (the renting of the veil), was then opened to the Gentile, and will remain open till the close of probation.


“The Mercy Seat Opened to All.--The mercy seat, upon which the glory of God rested in the holiest of all, is opened to all who accept Christ as the propitiation for sin, and through its medium, they are brought into fellowship with God. The veil is rent, the partition walls broken down, the handwriting of ordinances canceled. By virtue of His blood the enmity is abolished. Through faith in Christ Jew and Gentile may partake of the living bread.” (Letter 230, 1907) (5BC 1109)


“Neither man nor Satan can close the door which Christ has opened for us. (RH March 26, 1889).  (7BC 961.1)


From the weight of evidences that was presented, it is clear that from the crucifixion of Christ in the Christian dispensation, the door of salvation has been opened to the Gentiles and will remain so until the close of probation. Only God can close that door, and the last voice of God in the Rod left it open. See 1SR p64, PP p281, 2ANS p53, 55


The number of the 120 and the 144,000 is identifing  only those that receive the seal and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, and not all that will be saved.


"Remember that these numbers do not determine how many are saved in each, but how many received the Pentecostol power." Tr.3 p98. (Third Eddition)


"Although the doctrine of the Kingdom may not appear quite so complete under the lens of Sister White's writings as under the lens of the Rod, one dare not thus superficially reject either, but must the more studiously compare both views of the doctrine under the super-lens of the Bible. He must keep in mind that we are not given license to harmonize the Bible with any other writings, but are charged to measure all others by It." (2 Ans p74)


"When those who love the truth study any doctrinal subject, they never, in trying to harmonize their private opinions with a scripture in point, leave the scripture so interpreted as to contradict either other portions of the Bible or the position of constituted authority, but rather they forsake their opinions." (Tr. 3 p101)


Will There Be a Certain Number?--


"Another question upon which we had some conversation was in regard to the elect of God--that the Lord would have a certain number, and when that number was made up then probation would cease. These are questions you or I have no right to talk about. The Lord Jesus will receive all who come unto Him. He died for the ungodly and every man who will come, may come."  {3SM 315.3}




"Children of Believing Parents. - I know that some questioned whether the little children of even believing parents should be saved, because they have had no test of character and all must be tested and their character determined by trial. The question is asked, "How can little children have this test and trial?" I answer that the faith of the believing parents covers the children, as when God sent His judgments upon the first-born of the Egyptians."  {3SM 313.4}


"Do you, Brother, Sister, actually comprehend, actually realize, the crisis as outlined here?  Do you see the prediction that the sealing message is to be resisted by those who foster the abominations?  Are you with them?  I hope not.  Is there then any question that if the brethren are left ignorant of this cleansing work that God is about to do among His people, I say, if they be left ignorant of it, will they not fall in the general destruction of the wicked, represented by the work of the five men bearing slaughter weapons?


"Obviously all the sinners in the church will perish in this slaughter of the wicked, be they men, women, or children.  Parents who continue to serve the Devil will have their little ones with them in hell; and parents who break away from abominations will have their little ones with them in the Kingdom.  Where do you stand?  Are you with those who have the burden of this work, or are you against them?  This you see is the decisive hour for you, for me. (1TG. #52 pp21, 22)


The destiny of the little ones or infants who are under the age of accountability will be determined on the parents faith. Parents with infants who constitutes the 144,000 will have their little ones with them in the kingdom, even their animals. (See 1TG #12 p18)




There are two commissions that are recorded in Rev 7, one to the church the other to the world. In the type, Matt. 10:5, 6, and 15:21-24 we have the first commission, and in Matt. 28:16 - 19 we have the second. The first was before Pentecost, the second after Pentecost.


First commission does not mean only commission, in Mark 7:24-29 we have the story of a Greek (Gentile) woman who was saved during the first commission, also Cornelius. See Acts Ch.10, so in the antitype there will be Gentiles who will be saved in the first commission. (See 4 Ans. p35)






 This information is for those who are members of MT.Center, Waco Tx. and who do not believe that there are others living with the 144,000, but supports the Unpublished Codes.


For those of you who do not believe that there are others with the 144,000 living that will escape Ezek. 9, and at the same time defend that the Unpublished Codes is authentic stating they were published by Sis Houteff, seeing that you hold to that view, you should like wise accept the FILE CARDS that were discovered from Elk TX during David Koresh incident .They too were published in our Symbolic Code by this Association.


A picture of all the materials that was found at Elk, was published on the front page of our July 21-31 1995 Vol. 5 #3-6 Symbolic Code, stating “A glimpse of some of V T Houteff original files, documents, records card files, (doctrinal comments) letters, plates, negatives, sermons etc. A wealth of divine information that will surely help direct this Association in the unseen future. A blessing in the midst of the land continues."


You are now faced with a dilemma on your hand. How can you honestly defend the Unpublished Codes that Sis. Houteff published after the death of her husband, which has many conflicting views with the Rod, and at the same time condemn the information on the file cards that were dated during His administration, which teach that there will be others with the 144,000 who will be living from the SDA church.


The Association that you are a member of published these materials. You cannot honestly accept one and reject the other. It is for this very reason we are admonished to “teach only that which is published” by the prophet while he was alive.


The statement would not have been made if the prophet intended that every thing he wrote should be published. If that were the case why did he not publish those Codes when he was alive? Think brethren, think!


How about answer #6 which also supports others with living? Was it not also published? Why then are we not printing and making the availability of this Ans. to the brethren also?


Ans. #6 has more credibility than the Unpublished Codes because the Rod introduces it. (See 5 Ans. p94)




There are many of us (Jamaicans) who were a part of Salem’s Association who may still be having problems accepting others with because Bro Don teach that those with the 144, 000 are represented by the blacks in the chariot of Zech. 6 who are Gentiles, (no Jewish blood) and that the Bay leadership (white people) will take them to kingdom.


This is one of the reasons why we broke off from Salem’s Association, although at the time He was not so open with His teachings.


To those who disagree with this presentation, then you should at the next Session make a motion that only those who believe and teach according to all items under “List of Doctrinal Beliefs” in the By Law should be granted a fellowship card.


This is in harmony with Inspiration. They should teach in their own name and not in the name of GA of DSDA. You cannot have a law with out an enforcement, either it is removed or enforced.


A Message From God To All Davidians