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The reestablishment of God’s true government must be reinstated prior to the purification.  It is impossible for God’s true servants to receive the seal of God while under a worldly religious system.  See 4 S.C. # 10-11 p6.


Upon your conviction of the truth lies herein, it becomes paramount that letters of petition be sent to your Association headquarters demanding an immediate change back to God’s reform government. (1 T.G .10:17, par.2)  This is our only hope for unity, and Seeing Eye to eye.


This article is written and dedicated especially to the grass root members of each Association.  History has proven that leadership, in most cases, has always rejected Truth. (2 S.R. p. 93:2)


“When a man takes the position that when he has once made a decision he must stand by it, and never to alter his decision, he is on the same ground as was Lucifer when he rebelled against God.  He held his plans regarding the government of heaven as an exalted unchangeable theory.  No man should think that human opinions are to be immortalized; any man taking the stand that he will never change his views places himself on dangerous ground.  Those who hold the position that their views are unchangeable cannot be helped.  For they place themselves where they are not willing to receive counsel and admonition from their brethren.” Letter 12, 1911.


“Men through selfishness…crowd down the very ones whom God is using to diffuse the light He has given them…Satan’s skill is exercised…He works to restrict religious liberty…Organizations…will work under Satan’s dictation to bring men under the control of men; and fraud and guile will bear the semblance of zeal for truth and for the advancement of the kingdom of God…such men assume to exercise the prerogatives of God-they presume to do that which God Himself will not do in seeking to control the minds of men.  Thus they follow in the track of Romanism…In such arrangements the man who allows his mind to be ruled by the mind of another is thus separated from God and exposed to temptation…but God has plainly set it before us.  He says, “Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm.’—Testimonies, Vol. 7, pp. 179,180,181,178. (2 Tr. 63)


The origin of God’s Government


“The great Creator assembled the heavenly host that He might in the presence of all the angels confer special honor upon His Son.  The son was seated upon the throne with the Father and the heavenly throng of holy angels was gathered around them.  The Father then makes known that it was ordained by Himself that Christ His Son, should be equal with Himself.” SR pg. 13


The origin of Evil against God’s Government


“Lucifer was envious and jealous of Jesus Christ…There was contention among the angels.  Lucifer and his sympathizers were striving to reform the government of God.”  SR pg. 14-15.


“He urged that changes be made in the order and laws of God’s government.”  G.C. 498.


“It was the highest crime to rebel against the Government of God.” SR p.17.


“God’s government included not only the inhabitants of heaven


But of all the worlds that He had created.”…”The same spirit that prompted rebellion in heaven still inspires rebellion on earth.” G.C. p. 497.


“Korah, Dathan, and Abiram rebelled against Moses and Aaron, and so against the Lord…They thought they could transform the government of Israel and greatly improve it from its present administration…Korah was not satisfied with his position…to be more sure of accomplishing his purpose he drew Dathan and Abiram descendant of Reuben into his rebellion…These three became very zealous in an evil work and influenced two hundred and fifty men of renown…to join them.” 3T. 339,344-345.


The Spirit that originated evil, and its manifestation today


“These two sins—trust in man, and desire to exalt self—are still the leading sin elements now here on earth.”  This same stumbling block, the desire to exalt self predominates.  Throughout the ages, and it predominates today.  No, I am not making rash and empty statement.  I have the facts to back up my words.  For example, in the days of the Exodus Movement, there were Korah, Dathan, and Abiram who aspired to the office of Moses and Aaron and Lucifer aspired to the throne of God, the highest offices they could have longed for.  And did not Lucifer fall because of wanting to be above all other for nothing more than to exalt self?  And was not the same true of the fall of Korah, Dathan and Abiram? Today we see the same clamoring for position even in our own churches…. You see, then, that the same clamor for self-promotion that existed with Lucifer, with Eve, with others down through the ages, exists today.  My statement, you see, is backed up by actual facts.  Moreover, if such be the case with those who receive no monetary consideration for their services, then what could be the case with those who are well paid?  This question you can answer for yourself to your own satisfaction…. Such should therefore be branded as Satan inspired disciple-seekers.” 2 T.G. 28 pg 13-1




“Today as in Moses’ day, many are duplicating the sins of that people…So, it is that there must be among us (Davidians) today…antitypical doubters, complainers, office seekers and faultfinders, admitting one great truth one day (No Vice-President at the 1991 session) and forgetting it the next day (Yes to Vice-President at the 1992 Session) yet expecting to be sealed with the seal of God and to stand with the Lamb on Mt. Zion!


 “Those who should have been the greatest help to Moses became the biggest hindrance to him.  They wanted Aaron’s office (vice-President) they wanted Moses’ office (President). They refuse to be satisfied with anything the Lord Himself got nowhere with them.  The only thing He could do was to cause the earth to swallow them.  Thus in one day thousands…practically all the so call wise…fell into the bowels of the earth.  Are we too seeking office by which to exalt self and are we, too, endeavoring to usurp the seat of the Spirit of Truth?" 1 T.G. 7 pg. 8-10.


 “Neither is the world in need of men “angling for Moses’ and for Aaron’s office, but it is in dire need of men who can take orders and successfully carry them through…” 1 T.G. 9 pg 12.


“God’s people take orders from anyone whom God appoints because they walk in the light of the Lord, not in the sparks of men.  He plainly stated that those who now rule over them, are causing His people to err, and are destroying the way of their right path!” 1 T.G. 5 pg 21.



“Here we have the type, and example, too, pointing out that what was done in  Moses’ day with the men who tried to promote themselves to the office of the spirit of prophecy, will be done with the men who aspire to the same office in our day.  They are the people who hardly stand a chance.”2 T.G. 24 pg 25.


The evidences are very clear as to how we too, can manifest the “same spirit of rebellion” against God’s government which began with Lucifer in heaven,  manifested itself again in Moses’ day, and is the same all so today. Those who seek Moses’ office, (President) or Aaron’s office (Vice-President), along with those who believe that we can have a self appointed President and\or a man elected Vice-President will all perish.




An office seeker is someone who desires an office  to exalt self, especially an office that only God can appoint, such as a President, (Moses’ office) and Vice-President (Aaron’s office).Such an act is termed as rebellion against the government of God, and those who manifest it have the same spirit of rebellion that began with Lucifer in heaven. They can also be termed as “Satan-inspired disciple seekers.” “By their fruit ye shall know them”


Any changes related to God’s original system of Government are termed as treason, and its violators are subject to destruction.  It is “The highest crime to rebel against (to transform or change) the government of God” S.O.P. p 17.


Since the death of V.T. Houteff, there have arisen among Davidians different forms of government.  Beginning with Sis. Houteff, to the present time, Davidians have been wandering away from the real truth regarding God’s government, each claiming to be the true one.


This subject has become one of the greatest paradox that exist among all Davidians.


This paradoxical confusion has caused many, if not all organizations to set up a man-made king-like government in some way or another.  For example, Bashan has their Porter Prophet, Gilead their King David, Salem, Mountaindale, Waco and others have their Vice- (King) President.


Some are under the impression that they are under a theocracy; others a democracy and many still do not care to know.


It is therefore the purpose of this article to introduce to you, for your consideration, the truth from the “Golden Bowl” regarding the only true type of government God’s true people had, and will continue to be governed by.


“No one by beginning to study a subject from the middle, backward or forward, can learn its continuity and know what it is all about.  If one is to learn the full truth of a subject, he must study it in its entirety.  Dogs and cats, not civilized human beings, start eating the slice of pie from the center out.  As intelligent human beings, as God’s people, we ought to eat the pie correctly.”  1TG 5 p. 3.


“No candid Bible student would build a theory upon an interpretation that would lead him to set aside all other scriptures on the subject.  He will seek to make his final analysis in such a way as to be in perfect harmony with all of them, or else confess that he does not have the light on the subject.”  3 Ans. p. 55.


Israel Our Type


In order for us to resolve this paradox among Davidians “Paul at the instance of Inspiration forewarns “all these things happened unto them for ensamples.” 1 Cor. 10:11.  How supremely important, then, that we thoroughly explore, understand, and prize these marvelous ensamples which God wrought for our welfare.”1SR pocket ed. 37.


“As fundamental to their structure of Scripture interpretation, the Davidians hold that “the experiences of Israel were recorded for our instruction” (Education, p. 50); that indeed “all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and…Are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come” (1Cor. 10:11); that, therefore, where there is not a basic type, there can not be and is not a basic truth, an antitype;”  Lev. p. 14 see also 1 TG No. 7, p. 3.


We are instructed by Inspiration to thoroughly explore, understand and prize these marvelous ensamples of Israel’s experience, which God wrought for our welfare. They are supremely important to our salvation. As we apply these principles in our research, we must take into consideration that “where there is no type there is no truth”. Therefore, what ever type of government Israel was governed by,  we as Davidians should also be governed, this is what “the Davidians hold.”






Religious, by appointing, Government by people claiming to rule with divine authority.


The word theocratic comes from two Greek words, Theos – God, and cracy – government, meaning, – God rules over us. This is accomplished either directly, as in the days of Adam and Eve and also after the death of Joshua, or indirectly when God appoints someone  to “reign over us” such as was seen  in the days of Moses, Joshua and David (not Saul).Also  V.T. Houteff  on this side of the kingdom, then finally, antitypical David in the Kingdom.




Civil – (1) by vote (an expression of opinion or will, to express ones wish or Choice) in which the people hold the ruling powers and are exercised by representatives either directly or indirectly.


(2) Political Unit that has a democratic government.





Israel was under Theocracy before going into the Kingdom.  “In the days of the theocracy, when Moses was endeavoring to carry alone burdens so heavy that he would soon have worn away under them, he was counseled by Jethro to plan for wise distribution of responsibilities.”  AA 92-93


Israel was under Theocracy after going into the promise land.   “When the Israelites first settled in Canaan they acknowledged the principles of the theocracy, and the nation prospered under the rule of Joshua.” PP p. 603.


God’s people under theocracy even while under the authority of a civil government.  “There is to be another such sin-destroying and sinner-sifting Theocracy as the one in the day of Ananias and Sapphira who for sinning gave up the ghost as they fell at the apostle’s feet.”  2 TG No. 22, p. 20, 21.


“We are sacredly denominated by God and are under His Theocracy.”  7T p. 109, par.1


*Note-The environment and/or location do not prohibit one from being under theocracy. That is irrelevant.



The key point in regards to having someone ruling over us other then God himself, and at the same time still under theocracy is that God (not man) appoints such, as a prophet, king, president, etc…


Contrary to this was when Israel wanted to be like the other nations and chose Saul to be their king.  This act was in total violation to the principles of theocracy.  Let us consult Inspiration on this point.


“Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together and came to Samuel unto Ramah, and said unto him, Behold, thou are old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.  But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said; Give us a king to judge us.  And Samuel prayed unto the Lord.  And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.”  1 Samuel 8:4-7


This experience forfeited Israel to be under theocracy, because they chose Saul to be ruler over them instead of God.  Under theocracy, if God’s people are to have a visible leader, it is God, not man, who decides, and appoints that individual.


Let us observe another experience while Israel was under a theocracy without a prophet or king.   Just after the battle with Gideon “The people of Israel, in their gratitude at deliverance from the Midianites, proposed to Gideon that he should become their king, and that the throne should be confirmed to his descendants.  This proposition was in direct violation of the principles of the theocracy.  God was the king of Israel, and for them to place a man upon the throne would be a rejection of their Divine Sovereign.  Gideon recognized this fact.  His answer shows how true and noble were his motives.  “I will not rule over you,” he declared; “neither shall my son rule over you; the lord shall rule over you.” PP 555.  In other words, the principle of theocracy forbids man to choose another person to become their leader and ruler.



Why did God allow ancient Israel to have a king, and why does God permit all these Associations to have vice (king) presidents and self appointed prophets and kings?  “He permitted the people to follow their own choice, because they refused to be guided by His Council.” PP 605-606.  Hosea declares that God gave them a king in His anger. Hosea 13:11.  When men choose to have their own way, without seeking counsel from God, or in opposition to His revealed will, He often grants their desires, in order that, through the bitter experience that follows, they may be led to realize their folly and to repent of their sin…”That which the heart desires contrary to the will of God will in the end be found a curse rather than a blessing.” PP 605-606.





“Following the instruction of the Lord, the Adventists as far back as 1863, organized themselves into a General Conference Association.  They were admonished to study carefully the organization of their type, ancient Israel.” 2 SC #2 p.2.


However, “in 1901 Sis. White spoke on General Conference matters and organizations, declaring that there must be “an entire new organization”... To have this Conference pass on and close up as the Conferences have done, with the same manipulating, with the very same tone, and the same order— God forbid! God wants a change, and it is high time. From the light that I have, as it was presented to me in figures.  There was a narrow compass here; there within that narrow compass is a king-like, a kingly ruling power.  God means what He says and He says, “I want a change here.” —the king is in there, and these others are all secondary.  He wants the Holy Ghost King.”  In this understanding a (new Constitution) entirely was adopted.  Under this Constitution the General Conference Committee was composed of a large number of men, with power to organize itself by choosing a chairman, etc.  No president of the Gen. Conf. was chosen; nor was any provided for.  The presidency of the Gen. Conf. was eliminated to escape a centralized power, a one-man power, a king-ship, and a monarchy.”  (Sis White wrote the work of reorganization and printed at Gen. Conf. direction in ‘Words Of Truth Series No. 31, extra May 1901’ for all the people to study. Some History, Some Experiences and Some Facts pg. 8-9.)





“…It was not long before the whole spirit and principle of General Conference Organization and affairs began to be reversed again…a new constitution was framed to fit and to uphold the usurpation.  This constitution was carried to the General Conference of 1903 at Oakland, Calif.” IBID p.11


Mt. Carmel – Revival- Reformation-Reorganization


“And he answered and told them, Elias verily cometh first, and restoreth all things.” Mark 9:12.


“…As God is not now ruling the denomination through its present organization, He must reorganize it…none need to remain ignorant of the method He will now employ to ‘perfect His work of righteousness,’ nor of the system He will use to rule over His Own.”  4 SC #10-12, p.5


“God is to rule in His church now as He did in Moses’ time…. If ‘the same principles of piety and justice that were to guide the rulers among God’s people in the time of Moses and of David were also to be followed by those given the oversight of the newly organized church of God in the gospel dispensation’ (Acts of the Apostles, p. 95) and if man cannot improve upon God’s governmental rule, then why should we not pattern after it?  Hence the need of ‘a revival and a reformation.’” 1 ANS pg 37,38.


“We therefore as reformers, must follow the divine instruction concerning a more thorough organization...  God is calling for ‘a thorough reformation to take place.  When this reformation begins, the spirit of prayer will actuate every believer, and will banish from the church the spirit of discord and strife…one member working in right lines will lead other members to unite with him in making intercession for the revelation of the Holy Spirit.  There will be no confusion, because all will be in harmony with the mind of the Spirit…


Thy kingdom come.  Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


“In fulfillment of the above, and as we are called out to restore every divine institution, we are requested to establish a more perfect organization, with the result that, after many weeks of earnest prayer and careful research work in the Bible and Testimonies, we are now glad to announce to the readers of the Symbolic Code that the Lord is preparing His army for ‘the closing work for the church.’  Hence, comes to us the prophetic call:  “Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen they cords, and strengthen thy stakes.”  (Isa. 54:2)


In harmony with the foregoing command, Mt. Carmel has begun to enlarge the place of her tents, by doubling her acreage as announced in “The Symbolic Code------; to stretch forth her curtains (organize – protect herself against all undesirable elements) by establishing a thorough organization after the pattern of the theocracy of ancient Israel.” 3SC2: 3.




Davidian's Government same as Israel's



Mt. Carmel has begun ------; to stretch forth her curtains (organize – protect herself against all undesirable elements) by establishing a thorough organization after the pattern of the theocracy of ancient Israel.” 3SC2: 3.


We pledge our hearts, our minds, our hands, our all, first to the flag of God’s eternal kingdom, and to the Theocracy for which it stands…


“Where the Jews failed to make their kingdom a working model of Theocracy, ordained solely to manifest God’s power and thus convert the world to their precious Faith, the present kingdom movement must succeed.  God’s plans know no final failure; sooner or later, they will be carried out.”  4 Tr. 42.


Let’s summarize some of the main points we have established thus far.


1.                  Israel is our type, and   “where  there in no type there is no truth.”


2.                  Israel was governed by a theocracy.


3.                  The “system” that God has employed “to rule in His church now as He did in Moses time” is theocracy.


4.                  The principles of a theocratic government forbid man to choose or appoint someone as their leader and ruler.  Such an act is a rejection of God as their Divine Sovereign.


5.                  Bro. Houteff re-established the same type of Government as Israel, which is in


6.                  Fulfillment of the prophecy that is in ISA 54:2 (“To stretch forth her curtains.”)


7.                  The reason for reorganization is to eliminate from the church the spirit of discord, strife, and confusion, and to protect herself from all undesirable elements.


8.                  The present kingdom movement is to be a working model of the Theocracy of ancient Israel.


These will be our guiding principles as we proceed in our study.





The prophecy of Zech. 6:1-8, inspiration tells us, “contain one of the most remarkable and important pictorial prophecies recorded in Sacred Writ, and their true interpretation brings a soul-gripping revelation of momentous church history.” Tract 2 p. 9.


In Zechariah 6 the paradox is pictured as a chariot being pulled by two different sets of horses and the horses are headed in opposite directions.  As explained by Inspiration the chariot symbolizes the church membership and the two sets of horses symbolize two different types of leaderships.  By examination of Seventh-Day Adventist Denomination’s Church history, the horses are also characterized by two different forms of governments.  The General Conference is under a corrupt democratic system of government (man elected) and the faultless leadership with a message is 100% governed under theocracy (divinely appointed).  According to the prophecy, only these two governments will effect the Adventist denomination ultimately.  One ruling government among the present-day Davidians is one, which has no type and no place in this prophecy.  Specifically, the VP government.  I repeat, it has no type, and where there is no type there is no truth (see 2SR pg.255 par. 3).  The grisled horses of Zech. 6 represent the leadership in the SDA Denomination, the one that is languishing in its self-satisfying attainments and steadily retreating toward Egypt (worldliness), the one who disorganized itself in 1903.


There is one Davidian VP leadership, which openly ascribes to itself many of the characteristics of the grisled horses of Zech. 6 and at the same time teaches that it is represented as the bay horses in this prophecy.  Those who want the ROD message to be taught in its purity, cannot stand idle while the enemies ensnare our brothers and sisters in this trap - a paradox of paradox.


Although Bashan and their Porter prophet, Gilead and their King-David, Salem and their vice (King) president along with Mountaindale and Waco Associations are all content in their beliefs, the truth of the matter is that in the prophecy of Zech. 6: 6,7 there are only two types of leadership. One in a “lukewarm” state (wretched, miserable, poor, blind, naked, excusing the overwhelming wickedness everywhere) and the other “without fault”.   The government God has chosen for His people have been revealed as His expressed will through the Spirit of Prophecy.  We must embrace His chosen reform government as is found in Isa. 54:2, if we expect to have a place in His eternal kingdom.


“Had the present leaders, those who are represented by ‘the grisled horses,’ taken heed to the ‘Call for Reformation,’ and ‘had these been little in their own eyes,’ says the Spirit of Prophecy, and ‘trusted fully in the Lord, He would have honored them with bearing His standard in triumph to the victory, but they separated from God, yielded to the influence of the world, and the Lord rejected them.” 2 TR p 57.


This prophecy will be the key to unlock the long mystery related to government, that has perplexed the minds of many if not all Davidians.


Some Associations, particularly the Waco Association, use this prophecy to support the idea that the Executive Council is symbolized as the bay horses whose responsibility is, to lead the Davidians to the Kingdom.  In other words, they teach that a body of individuals who are voted into office by the people, represents the purified class that is to run to and fro in the earth.


Let it be understood that there is no more room for any man elected government in this prophecy other than that of the grisled horses - the SDA Church.  Clearly then, the Executive Council of Salem, Mountaindale, and Waco, in which each has a vice-president that is elected by the people’s vote (See 8Tr. p48) along with Bashan’s Porter prophet, and Gilead’s king David each and every one of these “office seeking” man made and self appointed governments are in direct violation of Inspiration.  This too, will be clearly revealed as we “sink the shaft deep in the mine of truth.”


The Grisled and The Bay - Double Leadership


“The double team of horses, and their two kinds of colors, pulling in two different directions are immediately seen to symbolize a double set of church leaders (the Seventh-day Adventist leaders and the Davidian Seventh-day Adventist leaders).” 2TG 22 pg.22


Grisled Horses - SDA Leaders


According to 2TG 22:22 Inspiration has identified and described the characteristics of  the grisled horses to be that of the SDA leaders and the Angel of Rev. 3: 16, 17.  Brethren, Inspiration says that “close reasoners and logical thinkers are few” 3T142.  Now if the grisled horses represent a leadership that is wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked — with fault, would not the Bay horses that are sent to rescue the church, be the opposite?  Absolutely! That’s the reason why Inspiration states that they “are different in aim and in character”.  This is why they are going in different directions, one toward Egypt (worldliness) the other to and fro the earth.


The Bay Horses - A righteous messenger & servants


“God brings to view two dissimilar classes of “servant” —the one “lukewarm,” the other “without fault”. 2TRp39.


The bay horses represent a faultless leadership with a message - the message of the investigation of the living along with revival and reformation.  The messenger therefore, would represent none other than V.T. Houteff. “The other angel ascending from the east having the seal (message) of the living God.” (SR  Pocket Ed. pg. 9,10) and those who receive the seal - The 144,000 (servants).


For anyone to say that their man elected executive council or government represents the Bay-leadership is a doctrine of gross deception.  The bay leadership is divinely appointed not man elected.  “Here is a forecast of a great movement, a movement that is to carry on a work of successful revival in many places.  Here it is also seen that the people will respond to God’s call, and that His envisioned work of revival is to be carried by a Divinely organized movement, not by the Denomination though, and not by a man here and a man there, The movement is God-created, not devised by men”.  1 TG 10 pg. 17.


It is not the office of VP, Porter Prophet, King David, or the Executive Council that will qualify you to be  part of the bay leadership. On the contrary, not unless you  have escaped the slaughter of Ezk. 9 “and that those who escape the “slaughter” will comprise the future leadership of the church” 2 TR 45.  The slaughter is the deciding factor as to whether or not we become the future leadership.


The bay horses represent a “divinely appointed ministry”  without fault. Although inspiration stated that the bay horses represent the “Davidian movement” we cannot assume  that because one is a Davidian he or she is automatically represented by the bay horses.  Being a member of the movement is not what qualifies, unless you have “payed the price” and received the seal.  The bay horse represents a ministry or a movement “without fault,” who will be disclosed to view during (not before) the purification. At the present time,only God knows who they are. See 2TG 22 pg. 24.


Many Davidians have also rejected the call for reformation by  accepting the fact that they are  under a democracy (wordly system) but a theocracy.  It is  ironic that even the grisled leadership realize that the Davidian movement is under a theocracy.


“Mr. Houteff sought to pattern his organization after the theocratic system established by God for the government of ancient Israel.  The leader, “Mr. Houteff, was supposed to have been chosen by direct call of God.  Other leaders were called and appointed through him, and they were to discharge their duties by his direction.” The History and Teachings of “The shepherd’s Rod” pgs. 20-21.


TWO GOVERNMENTS - Unlike in Aim and Character


“The double team of horses, and their two kinds of colors, pulling in two different directions are immediately seen to symbolize a double set of church leaders … unlike in character and aim.” 2 TG22: 22


What are some of the reasons as to why these two governments are unlike in aim and character? For the answer let’s take a look at Tract 8:48-49.


“Time has already demonstrated that the S.D.A. organization is fulfilling the type.  Preferring to incorporate, and to elect officers by the people’s vote, they have thereby manifested that they have cared not so much to please God by being a peculiar people, as he would have them to be, as they have to please themselves by being as much as possible like the other denominations – just as in Saul’s time the people wanted to be like the nations round about them (1 Sam. 8:5,7).  And although chosen by the people, yet the General Conference officers were nevertheless accepted by God to be the rulers over his people now, as Saul was anciently.  Just as he betrayed his trust, however, by disobeying the Word of God as spoken to him by the prophet Samuel, so the present church organization, “the ancient men…before the house, “have, says the prophet to the church today, “betrayed their trust.” (Testimonies vol. 5 pg. 211)  “Speaking to the S.D.A. leadership, the servant of the Lord says: “You have no right to manage, unless you manage in God’s order.  Are you under the control of God?  Do you see your responsibility to Him?…That these men should stand in a sacred place to be as the voice of God to the people, as we once believed the General Conference to be,--that is past.  What we want now is reorganization.”


The two most crucial points Inspiration is addressing as to why they are unlike in aim and character is, that the SDA Church is fulfilling the type, “by being as much as possible like the other denominations,” which is to incorporate, and to elect officers by the people’s vote.



To incorporate - is to be united with an association –(a form of league.)  What does our type have to say about such an act?  “The Hebrews had been specially warned against entering into any league with the idolaters of Canaan,..”PP 505 “The Israelites were forbidden to make any league with the inhabitants of the land.  A league implies likeness, equality, the union of two similar powers... To make a league with the nations round them, was to be joined to them and that meant separation from the presence of God.”  The Everlasting Covenant 397.


The subject of incorporation will be thoroughly dealt with in another article.  For more information on church incorporation you may call (503) 659-4494 or write to: Dr. Leonard B. Zike c/o Embassy of Heaven Town Center Baptist Church 10505 S.E. 85th, Portland, OR 97266.




The Second issue of contention is that the General conference has chosen to be “like the other denominations,” by “electing officers by the people’s vote.”  Just as in Saul’s time the people wanted to be “like the nations round about them.” 8 TR pg. 48.


“And since the officers who run the churches are elected by majority vote, do you see who elected them, who is in office, and who is in control of the churches?  Do you wonder then why things are running as they are?”…  If this be so, then ask yourself whose church is the church?... the Devils? or the Lords?...”  (1 TG No. 12:20).  O YES DAVIDIA, THIS APPLIES TO US ALSO.


This procedure and idea is condemned by inspiration and yet session after session we have followed in the direction of the grisled horses.  Inspiration says that the Bay and the Grisled horses are different in “aim and character.”  The reason as to why they differ is, the Grisled leaders use a democratic procedure in their election of officers, “like the other denominations” while the Bay, under a theocratic form of government, the leader is chosen (not by the people’s vote) but by divine appointment. (See Leviticus pg. 5).


Brothers and Sisters, can you not see that if you truly desire to be a part of the Bay leadership, you must adhere to its principle, not just in revival, but also in reformation- reorganization.


It is true that our standard on health reform, dress reform, Sabbath keeping, etc. may be higher than our brothers and sisters in the Church but that is not all that the S.R. message requires of us.  As  Davidians, we  are compelled by inspiration to “establish a more thorough organization after the pattern of the theocracy of ancient Israel.” 3 SC #2 pg. 3.


The pledge or oath that we take as Davidians, signifies our loyalty to Gods Government which is a theocracy. Doing contrary for which the flag stands for is hypocrisy. Brethren, time is short, so we are commissioned to “strive with all the strength that God has given us to be among the 144,000” (bay horses).  I do hope and pray that you will allow the Holy Spirit to bring about a conviction in your heart, so that we can unite on the platform of truth.




Bro. Houteff quoting Sis. White on page 49 of tract 8 says “ that these men should stand in a sacred place to be as the voice of God to the people as we once believed the G.C. to be – that is past.  What we want now is a reorganization.”  “Reformation” he says, “signifies a reorganization, a change in ideas and theories, habits and practices.” (8TR 50).


According to 1 Ans. 38 the Rod says “that beside the literature of revival they may now also obtain that of reformation, our organizational publication, The Leviticus of the Davidian SDA.”  The Leviticus therefore, reveals that change of ideas and practice, theories and habits.


“Revival and reformation goes hand and hand” and if men cannot improve upon God’s governmental rule then why should we not pattern after it?  1 Ans. 38


On pages 3 - 7 of The Leviticus you will find the reformed structure of God’s government.It is the  last movement before the purification of His Church, which is also identified by the Bay horses.


The Levitical Government


All the principles established thus far in regards to a theocratic government are applied in the Leviticus, the  Davidians governmental publication. There we can find the method and the system He will use to rule over His own. Lev. pg. 14.  says that this reformatory Association  - is necessarily endowed with Constitution and By-Laws embodying this governmental principles and system of the four-fold succession of the Exodus movement, the Davidian Monarchy, the Judges, and the Apostles.  The principles and systems of these four governments (all of  theocracy) are used in the application and establishment of our Constitution.


On pages 5, 6 OFFICERS AND THEIR DUTIES,  begins by saying “the regular officers of this Association shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.”  The word regular, is being interpreted by some to mean  that we must always, even without a prophet in our midst, fill the four officers as stated.


Another gross deception is taken from page 9 - By-Laws - Executive Council Sec. 1 (c) “and to fill vacancies that may occur in the Association’s offices, save the office of the President.”  This last statement is likewise played upon to mean that Session can “fill” any positions except that of the President.  These are the reasons that is being used to support the ideas that we can have a President or a Vice President as our head.


The idea for having a V.P. as our head, first evolved after the death of Br. Houteff, when his own wife, stated that she was appointed V.P. by the prophet. Without a doubt however, Br. E.T. Wilson was the last appointed Vice President on record.


Constitution Takes Precedence Over By-Laws



“By-laws may embrace any provision not inconsistent with the Constitution.” Lev. pg. 8.





“It shall be vested with authority to grant credentials and licenses, and to fill vacancies that may occur in any of the Association’s offices, save the office of President.”


The By-laws states: “The Council (not Session) has the power ‘to fill vacancies.’” The word vacancy means “an empty space.”  Vacancies mean more than one.  The “filling of vacancies” and the electing of officers are too different events.  One is done at a Session level, the other during the Administration of the elected body.  This privilege of “filling vacancies” is applicable only between Sessions. “It shall have full executive and administrative power between Sessions of the Association.” Lev. pg. 9


There is absolutely no proof for twisting the Rod by using the statement “filling of vacancies” to support, the idea for having a V.P. as the head of the Association.  Even Sis. Houteff in her dishonesty knew this, for this reason in her act of deception, she applied the principles of the constitution, by saying that Bro. Houteff had appointed her as V.P.


If you should look carefully on page 7 of the Leviticus you will note that “Article V - Session” is listed under the heading of the “Constitution” and the duties of the Executive Council is listed under the heading of the “By-Laws.” Due to the fact that session is listed under the constitution and not the by laws, we must therefore follow the divine principles that is outlined under the constitution as to how officers are chosen. According to our present system how and when are vacancies filled?  I believe if we were allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us, we would understand the mistake we have been making for years.  Officers are elected at Session; but vacancies are to be filled only by the Council between Sessions; therefore this term “Filling of Vacancies” cannot be used to support the theory of having a VP as our head.


Those who believe in having a VP as head, are reliving a deception that was staged by the enemy’s effort to deliver a knockout blow. See W. R.pg.33.


No Voting Of Officers In The Constitution


According to Article IV - “Officers and Their Duties” which is under the heading of the Constitution, you will notice that the officers that constitute the Executive Council are appointed (The President appoints, not vote, the member of the executive council) into office.


The four officers mentioned are the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.       It states that God chose the President, and the President appointed the other 3 officers.    It is stated on page 6 Article 4 Section C,  that “all other officers of this Association (Which includes first the V.P.) Shall be appointed” (not elected). — By appointment of inspired agents, and not politically elected. The biblical references are stated as an example or pattern, as to the method that must be exercised when choosing these officers.


This again is the principle of theocracy, therefore when Br. Houteff stated that the Council had the power to fill vacancies between Session, save the office of the President, he was not telling the Council that, exclusive of him, they had the right to fill any vacancy that may occur.  Neither was he saying that in the absence of the prophet, the Association can elect or even appoint a V.P. as their head.  The only purpose a V.P. serves is “to assist the President.” Lev. pg.6.Therefore the President being alive can delegate duties to the VP. The statement was made taking into consideration that the prophet constituted the Executive Council.  The key to our understanding is in making sure that the principles of the Constitution that is a theocracy are followed.  Once you understand these principles and follow them you cannot go wrong.


To repeat-The Constitution stipulates that the president is the only one that is authorized by God to appoint a VP. That is an unchangeable law.


When the prophet made the statement “the regular officers” we must understand it in its right context and application, that is, while he was yet alive.  Keep in mind that the government under the leadership of Br. Houteff was a combination of four different governments, which were the Mosaic, the Davidic, the Ezraic and the Apostolic.  It was only under the Old Testament system that a VP (Moses’ assistant - Aaron) was needed and only while the prophet was alive. It is very simple to understand that without a president, there can be no vice president.  How can you assist a dead person?




Vice- in the place of, change, alternation.  President- The chief office of an organization.  Vice president- an official (as of a government) whose rank is next below that of the president and who takes the place of the President when necessary (as in death etc.)  (The new Britannica Webster). According to the definitions stated, a VP automatically becomes the President after his death or removal.  Therefore, according to the dictionary, our VP as head, is in reality a President – chief administrator.


Brothers and Sisters can you not visualize the reasons why we are not having great success?  “You have no right to manage unless you manage in God’s order” 8 T 49.  “Success never fails when the command of the master is obeyed” 2 SR 296.






Let us consider the fact that after the death of Israel’s first prophetic visible leader, God chose Joshua as Israel’s last prophetic visible leader “to guide the feet of God’s weary pilgrims to their home land”.


The type Joshua, the visible leader died after he went into the promise land. Anti-typical Joshua, modern Israel’s last visible leader, (in fulfillment of the type to lead home the feet of God’s servants today,) died before entering the promise land.


Please note that after the death of Joshua, Israel was without a visible leader for a long period of time… “And Israel served the Lord all the days of Joshua and all the days of the elders that overlived Joshua” PP 524.


What is the purpose of having visible leaders when anti-typical Joshua - the last prophet for the Church is dead, who then is responsible today, for guiding homeward the feet of God’s saints? Is it an Executive Council with a VP as the head, or a porter Prophet, or maybe King David?  Answer— “The message of the Rod is the only one ordained to lead the latter day Church freed from sin and sinners, into the land of promise.” 3 Ans. 23. Alleluia!!!


The message of the Rod does not teach nor support any other visible head other than Elijah on this side of the Kingdom.  See GCS pg. 19.


Purpose for Visible Leaders


The sole purpose for having these visible leaders was “simply to enforce the laws that God had given” PP 603


The person is used as a channel for God to communicate through in order to accomplish His purpose. It is not the individual that is of greatest importance, but the information that he reveals, because it is God’s instruction.  SEE 1TG 7 pg 5,6.


This has been one of Davidia’s biggest stumbling blocks, trying to create a man made government to lead and rule over God’s people.  When we come to the full realization of the meaning of theocracy , then and only then will we comprehend and see how displeasing we are in God’s sight.  “The Lord foresaw that Israel would desire a king, but He did not consent to a change in the principles upon which the state was founded” PP 603



Brothers and Sisters, God is pleading with us today, we cannot continue to do things as they were done.  Session has become a big political arena where lies, deception, and every evil act is demonstrated ,as to receive positions.  Violations of God’s principles upon which the Movement was founded are constantly committed, such as, voting of individuals into office and, by the establishment of a government  patterned after the grisled leaders and the world.


The politick has become so outragious, that individuals will go as far as to recrute illegal alians of their own nationality, put them through a DLI program for them to get their cards, and according to the by-laws, it will automatically grant them voting rights. This is done so they will have a majority vote, and be granted a leadership position.


"And since the officers who run the churches are ellected by majority vote, do you see who ellect them, who is in office, and who is in controll of the churches? Do you wonder why things are running as they are?" (1TG #12 p20)


To repeat- “We therefore as reformers must follow the divine instruction concerning a more thorough organization ----- When this reformation begins, the spirit of prayer will actuate every believer and will banish from the church the spirit of discord and strife”  3 SC #2 pg. 3.


“If Jesus had delegated any special authority to one of the disciples above the others, we should not find them so often contending as to who should be the greatest.  They would have submitted to the wish of their Master, and honored the one who He had chosen.  Instead of appointing one to be their head, Christ said to the disciples, ‘Be not ye called Rabbi;’ neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.”  Matt 23:8,10. (Desire of Ages Pg. 414)


“The Savior gathered His disciples about Him, and said to them, ‘If any man desires to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all’.”…” They did not understand the nature of God’s Kingdom, and this ignorance was the apparent cause of their contention.” … “ The strife for the highest place was the outworking of the same spirit which was the beginning of the great controversy in the worlds above, and which had brought Christ from heaven to die.”… “Lucifer desired God’s power, but not His character.  He sought for himself the highest place, and every being that is actuated by his spirit will do the same.  Thus, alienation, discord, and strife will be inevitable.  (Desire of Ages PP. 435-436.)





(No Vision No Mission)


We were not called to be involved with governmental affairs (as in the days of Br. Houteff).  Our marching order is to go and plead with Mother, not to compete with her.  Yes, we must have some kind of an organization in order to carry out God’s blue print, but not an executive government with a vice (king) president. We must have an administrative staff of 7 deacons whose responsibilities will be for the daily duties relating to God’s plan for finishing His work.  We must continue to make preparation for an all out effort to recapture the church from the hand of the enemy. (See 10 SC # 1)


“Mt. Carmel’s great burden is to get this manifold work done as soon as possible, so that we may then go home to our eternal rest, no more to be fettered with the shackles of sin.”  3 Ans. 65


Should we make this our divine purpose, then we would be amazed of the progress we would encounter.  We have definitely lost our focus on what our commission is, (Elijah’s helper) and Satan is having a field day with all Davidians.  This is also the reason why we are not united.  This is seen vividly by our lack of unity.  The disciples in the days of Christ were competing among themselves, so likewise we find ourselves, in competition with one another — working at cross purposes.  The bridge will never be completed this way.


“Christians have been building a bridge, so to speak, to the God of justice for many years.  But they do not seem to be anymore successful then were the six-bridge builders.  And for what reason? —For the very same reason the six builders were unsuccessful: Selfish men are engage in the work…”  (1 TG 14:14)


“Notice that it was after the disciples had come into perfect unity, when they were no longer striving for the highest place, (V.P.) that the Spirit was poured out. They were on one accord.  All differences had been put away” Testimonies Vol. 8 p. 20.


It is either that we come to our senses, or God will have to intervene through some crises or another.  The choice is left to us.



“As they ‘sent a message after Him saying, we will not have this man to reign over us,’ the only conclusion admissible is that shortly after His return,Christ shall inform His ‘citizens’ that He is taking “the reigns in his own hands” to set up His kingdom, and that they, upon hearing the announcement, shall refuse to submit themselves to the one through whom He is to rule.”


“Observe that in the message which they ‘sent after Him’, His servants did not say, ‘We will not have You to reign over us,’ but rather, ‘we will not have this Man to reign over us.’  What they objected to was Christ’s reigning over them through someone else.  Clearly, then, before He is coronated, and prior to His return to rekon with His servants, He appoints a ‘man’ to reign over His stead.  Whereupon they say to Him, by their attitude and stand toward his message, ‘We will not have this Man to reign over us’ although ‘this Man’as we now see, is the antitypical David (the ‘simple means’), the visible King” 8 Tract pp.71


“There will be those among us who will always want to control the work of God, to dictate even what movements shall be made when the work goes forward under the direction of the angel who joins the third angel in the message to be given to the world.”  Testimonies to Ministers, 300.  Those who fall in this temptation and pride of opinion are fulfilling Luke 19:14.  At this time when Christ is “taking the reins in His own hands” they are, by their actions sending a message to Him, saying, “We will not have this man to reign over us.” 1 SC #16 pp. 6


“Some go still farther by saying to the promised mouthpiece of God, ‘You are too earnest, you do not interpret the Scriptures in the proper way, Let me tell you how to teach you message’ Testimonies to Ministers pp.475.


“Others, though not so dictatorial, will not submit themselves to the leadership of God, for Jesus foresaw the class that ‘hated Him’ and “sent a message after Him, saying, We will not have this man to reign over us” (Luke 19:14)


Therefore, because of their insubordination, Jesus has plainly told us that at His appearing He shall command His servants, saying “but those Mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before ME” (Luke 19:27).  “The parable makes it clear that through some man (V.T. Houteff) Jesus is to reign before His appearing, and that those who refuse to submit themselves to the one whom Jesus has chosen to represent Him shall lose out eternally”  (Vol. 4 #10-12 pp. 7).


My brothers and sisters, the parable of Luke 19 sums it all up.  The question to be asked is who do you want to reign over you?  Is it your V.P. as your head, your Porter Prophet, your King David? Or “this man.”  If your answer to the question is “this man”, then we can not continue with a system that is condemned by inspiration.


The system that was implemented by “this man” is a theocracy and not a democracy.  Your refusal to submit to “this man” will cause you to lose out eternally, by  your insubordination of trying to tell him how to teach His message.




“As numbers increased, it was evident that without some form of organization there would be great confusion, and the work would not be carried forward successfully. To provide for the support of the ministry, for carrying the work in new fields, for protecting both the churches and the ministry from unworthy members, for holding church property, for the publication of the truth through the press, and for many other objects, organization was indispensable” TM 26


“As the development of the work called upon us to engage in new enterprises, we were prepared to enter upon them.  The Lord directed our minds to the importance of the educational work.  We saw the need of schools, that our children might receive instruction free from the errors of false philosophy, that their training might be in harmony with the principles of the word of God.  The need of health institutions had been urged upon us, both for; the help and instruction of our own people and as a means of blessing and enlightenment to others.  The enterprise also was carried forward.  All this was missionary work of the highest order” TM 27.


“Let none of our brethren be so deceived as to attempt to tear it down, for you will thus bring in a condition of things that you do not dream of.  In the name of the Lord I declare to you that it is to stand, strengthened, established, and settled.  At God’s command, “Go forward,” we advanced when the difficulties to be surmounted made the advance seem impossible.  We know how; much it has cost to work out God’s plan in the past, which have made us as a people what we are.  Then let everyone be exceedingly careful not to unsettle minds in regard to those things that God has ordained for our prosperity and success in advancing His cause”. TM 28 (Also see TM 488-89)



…”If Jesus had delegated any special authority to one of the disciples above the others, we should not find them so often contending as to who should be the greatest. They would have submitted to the wish of their Master, and honored the one whom He had chosen.


Instead of appointing one to be their head, Christ said to the disciples, “Be not ye called Rabbi;” “neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, even Christ.” Matt. 23: 8, 10.


“The head of every man is Christ.”…  “The church is built upon Christ as its foundation; it is to obey Christ as its head.  It is not to depend upon man, or be controlled by man.  Many claim that a position of trust in the church gives them authority to dictate what men shall believe and what they shall do.  This claim God does not sanction.  The saviour declares, “All ye are brethren.”  All are exposed to temptation, and are liable to error.Upon no finite being can we depend for guidance…Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm.” The Lord is the Rock, His work is perfect.” “Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him.”“ Jer. 17:5;deut. 32:4; Ps.2:12. (Desire of Ages 414.)



“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, “Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.” Matt. 20:25-28


“Sometimes a man who has been placed in responsibility as a leader gains the idea that he is in a position of supreme authority, and that all his brethren, before making advance moves, must first come to him for permission to do that which they feel should be done. Such a man is in a dangerous position.  He has lost sight of the work for a true leader among God’s people.  Instead of acting as a wise counselor, he assumes the prerogatives of an exacting ruler.  God is dishonored by every such display of authority and self-exaltation.”  TM 491



 “While respecting authority and laboring in accordance with wisely laid plans, every worker is amenable to the Great Teacher for the proper exercise of his God-given judgment and of his right to look to the God of heaven for wisdom and guidance.  God is Commander and Ruler over all.” “The Lord has not placed any one of His human agencies under the dictation and control of those who are themselves but erring mortals.  He has not placed upon men the power to say, You shall do this, and you shall not do that...” “No man is a proper judge of another man’s duty.  Man is responsible to God; and as finite, erring men take into their hands the jurisdiction of their fellowmen, as if the Lord commissioned them to lift up and cast down, all heaven is filled with indignation...God will not vindicate any device whereby man shall in the slightest degree rule or oppress his fellowmen.” TM 492-495




See Chart Attached


“The same principles of piety and justice the were to guide the rulers among God’s people in the time of Moses and of David, were also to be followed by those given the oversight of the newly organized church of God in the gospel dispensation” ( AA pg 95)


This organizational graph will help us to have a better vision of the principles of the O.T. system that were adopted by those in the gospel dispensation.



“God was the center of authority and government, the sovereign of Israel.  Moses stood as their visible leader, by God’s appointment, to administer the laws in His name. From the elders of the tribes a council of seventy were afterwards chosen to assist Moses in the general affairs of the nation” (PP374)



“The organization of the church at Jerusalem was to serve as a model for the organization of churches in every other place where messengers of truth should win converts to the gospel.  Those to whom was given the responsibility of the general oversight of the church were not to lord it over God’s heritage, but, as wise shepherds, were to “feed the flock of God,...being ensamples to the flock” and the deacons were to be “men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom”( AA 91.)



See Leviticus page 6 sec. 1 b, c.


The principles and systems that were established by the Mosaic government and employed by the Apostolic and the Davidian governments are:


1.                  God was the center of authority;


2.                  Moses, the apostles, V.T. Houteff stood as their visible leader; and


3.                  A council of 70 was appointed by Moses, the apostles appointed deacons, V.T. Houteff appointed the executive council to assist him.


These same principles and systems must also be used in the establishment of our organization, (taking into consideration that we do not have a visible leader as per the Mosaic, Apostolic or Davidic governments.)  We therefore have to resort to a system in which Inspiration says that the people, or the Church in Session, under God’s divine Spirit, represents His voice.  The graph illustrates the idea of how such a system would apply.  (See Graph on last page) The council of seventy in the days of Moses, and the council of seven in Apostolic time served as assistants to Moses and the Apostles.  Br. Houteff used the VP as his assistant, along with the other members of his Executive Council.  In like manner, Moses used Aaron as his assistant Lev. p 6.



“Resolved, that the highest authority under God among Seventh-day Adventists is found in the will of the body of that people, as expressed in the decision of the General Conference when acting within its proper jurisdiction; and that such decisions should be submitted to by all without exception unless they can be shown to conflict with the word of God and the right of individual conscience” —Review and Herald, vol. 50, No.14.


Due to the fact that we are without a prophet, Session therefore, would represent the highest visible authority on earth under God.  The Executive Council would represent Session’s assistant - servants of the people, for the people – deacons.


On pages 15 - 18 of the Leviticus four different governments are used as counterparts.  In each government a council was chosen to assist the head of that government.  The council is not the ruling element in these governments, but the servants.


The duty of the Council is to carry out the dictates of Session, unless Session conflicts with the word of God and the rights of individual conscience. The word executive comes from the word to execute which means to put into effect, to carry out. For example, Congress legislate laws and the states execute the laws that are made. The only power that the Council has is what is given by the Session. Too much power can be very dangerous.  Note – Session cannot legislate laws that dictates the rights of one’s conscience.  All laws relating to salvation comes from God, therefore session can only reinforce God’s law.  See Lev. Pp. 16:2


Also- The council cannot legislate laws; neither can it inforce new laws during its administration that was not legislated by Session.




Lev. 18-20.


This is the blueprint, it outlines the example, pattern and the principles of how the Executive Council should operate:


1.                  Seven men of honest report. - Track Record.


2.                  Full of the Holy Ghost - Spiritual Qualification


3.                  .Wisdom - Not a Novice.


Great care was executed in the selection of the seven Deacons during the Apostolic time, and also in the appointment of the Executive Council in the days of Br. Houteff.  Should the three above principles be applied when choosing officers to officiate as deacons, then it would be unnecessary for us to elect new officers each Session.  The practice of electing deacons every year is not in harmony with the example of Acts 6: 2-6, neither is it of Lev. p. 9.


The seven deacons that were carefully chosen were to serve as long as they remained faithful to their trust.  This is the reason why there is a clause on page 9 of the Leviticus that says, “and  to fill vacancies that may occur.”  We too,  brothers and sisters “have turned back from following Christ our leader and are steadily retreating towards Egypt.” 5T p. 217. This is the reason that we have adopted the “worldly system” 4SC10-12:6. We act  like the world and the church by permitting our sessions to become a time of political debates.


A review of the performance of each Council member should be done at each Session if necessary .



The Rod says “the Executive Council shall be patterned after the council described in Act. 6: 2-6


One of the counterparts that constitute the Davidian government is the apostolic. Some brethren believe that when the apostles told the multitude to look ye among you seven men of honest report, full of the holy ghost and wisdom whom we (the apostles) may appoint over this business, that the multitude voted among themselves in order to get the seven.


Brethren, “Logical thinkers and close reasoners are few.”  Why would Bro. Houteff condemn the voting of individuals into office and then use a counterpart that permits voting as part of his government?


Acts Ch.6 refers to the time when the church had received the out pouring of the Holy Spirit. They were all filled with the spirit of God, politics had no place in there midst. Instead they had the spirit and the gift of discernment.


“ For only a true Christian, one who has a personal experience with God, a perfect knowledge of His word, and who is filled with His Spirit, can discriminate saint from sinner.  He, only, can recognize who has the seal and who does not have it, when the latter is cloaked in a counterfeit robe of righteousness.” 5Tr pp.63.


Believe it or not, there are individuals within Davidia who possess these three qualifications, but because they are not favored they are not considered.  Our biggest problem lies mostly in those who are doing the choosing, rather than the ones chosen.  We too must be filled with the Spirit of God (not of self) so that we can have the gift of discernment when choosing qualified individuals as servants — that’s right, SERVANTS, not rulers.  Did you ever notice that there is no competition in being a servant, but there is always competition in being a ruler?  Christ demonstrated this beautifully in John 13.  Our present system in having an Executive Council with a VP as the head of this movement has caused this Association to be in its present predicament — because it is not in God’s order. “No type - no truth”. See 1 TG No. 10.




1TG 2


Here lies the acid test of the final results.  In John 10:1-3,9 Christ says, He is the “door” and he that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold but climbeth up some other way is a thief and a robber”  “but he that entered by the door is the shepherd of the sheep, to him the porter openeth.”  The Rod explains all this by saying “the porter, the one in charge, opens the door only to those who have complied with the requirements for admission.  In other words, the Lord is plainly telling us that no one may dodge the porter’s inspection and forever get by.” 1TG2:19,20.  Brothers and Sisters, it is time that we stop playing Church.  The story is told in 2 Chronicles 23,  when Joash became king of Judah, porters were placed at the entrance of the temple to prevent anyone from going in except those that were “holy”  Atholioh hearing about the crowning of Joash, rent her clothes crying treason, treason and went into the temple.  The record states that she was taken by the horse gate, and they slew her there.


“The porters were placed at the gate of the house of the Lord, that none which was unclean in anything should enter in.”  Verse 19.


“The Porter” in John 10 represents “the one through whom the Spirit of Prophecy is manifested.” His job likewise is to make sure, he opens the door only to those who have complied with the requirements — to those who know their deeds and can stand inspection, those who are willing to pay the price, those who give heed only to the voice of truth, those who have overcome the desire of the flesh, and forsake sin in all it forms.  These are the requirements that are stated in 1TG2 for anyone who desires to get into the sheepfold through the door.  To get in any other way identifies the individual as an “unauthorized shepherd” or a “goat”.


The voice of truth condemns voting of individuals into office, and to incorporate.             See 8 TR pg 48.



See 5 Answerer 82 – 84 and 11 SC #3 pp. 10-12


The Desires of the Flesh


1 TG 2 pg. 18 - “...there are few who choose to deny the desires of the flesh and to forsake sin in all it forms. Naturally, then, many travel the “way which seemeth right unto a man” although “...the end thereof are the ways of death.”  Prov. 14:12


“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”


Below is a list along with their meanings and references that is recorded in Gal. 5.  Please read each reference for further understanding,


Flesh - Rom. 8:1-14; Gal. 5:1,13,16,17,19-21


Adultery - Sexual conduct in act or in thought by persons with others than their consenting spouses.  Matt. 5: 27, 28 Acts of impurity, sensual thoughts and desires, or any practice that tends to excite them.  PP 308


Fornication - Sexual conduct in act or thought between non-married persons and married persons conducting themselves in this manner with persons other than their spouses. 1 Cor. 5: 9-13


Uncleaness - Morally or spiritually impure. Eph. 5:3-12


Lasciviousness - Characterized as obscene or indecent. Passionate desire for unlawful sex or appetite for unlawful delights. 4T pg. 384-85


Idolatry -The things we love and esteem more than God’s Kingdom are our idols. 12SC 6,7:18 The worship of a physical object as a god. AA 317


Witchcraft - Practice or influenced by magical powers, sorcery.  Source of power gained from evil spirits. 1Sam. 15:22, 23; Lev. 19:31; 5T 142.


Hatred - Intense dislike. Feelings of animosity.  5 T 94; Amos 5: 11, 15


Variance - (at variance with your brethren) pattern of engaging in dispute, source of dissension. 5 T 28; Matt. 10:35; 5 T 82


Emulation - (Self-exaltation) to be equal with God. Isa. 14:12-14  (desire to excel others) competition, rivalry. 5 TG3


Wrath - Deeply resentful indignation. Violence and vengeance inflicted as a result of anger. 2 T 425, 427.


Strife - Engaging in or instrumental in cause of contention, discord, quarrel. CD 53


Seditions - Acts leading to or exciting commotion. GC 508.


Heresies - Religious opinion contrary to the doctrines of a church. 5T 142 and pg. 707


Envying - A resentful desire. 5 T 55, 56


Murder - All acts of injustice that tend to shorten life; the spirit of hatred and revenge. PP308.


Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer. 1 John 3:15 Violation of health reforms is suicide. Premature death is murder. CD 131. selfish neglect of caring for the needy or suffering. PP308.


Drunkenness - Excess in food and intoxicating drink.  Gluttony in the same catalogue with drunkenness. CD 133.


Revelling - Rebellious.  John 10:1; 1TG2:19-27; 11SC3:10-11; 5 ANS. 82-84.


When all these requirements are met, then at Session after much prayer, the portfolio of each recommended candidate must be carefully examined under the lens of Inspiration.  Then those seven, who are qualified, will constitute the regular chosen deacons.  “The appointing (not voting) of the seven to take the oversight of special lines of the work” must be done by Session, taking into consideration each recommended person’s qualifications - spirit, talent and track record.




In view of the responsibilities of church officers and the character of the work required of them, the appointing of church officers is an important work.  This duty should be entered upon in an prayerful well, ordered and serious manner.  Only such persons should be chosen, who fully expect to fulfill the specific duties of the office, for which they have been elected, and who you know positively can pass the porters inspection. See  5T 617,618 and 9T 260,261.



“In many places we meet men who have been hurried into responsible positions as elders of the church when they are not qualifies for such a position.  They have not proper government over themselves, their influence is not good.  The church is in trouble continually in consequence of the defective character of the leader.  Hands have been laid too suddenly upon these men.” 4T 406,407. See 5T 617



“God has placed in the church, as His appointed helpers, men of varied talents, that through the combined wisdom of many the mind of the Spirit may be met.  Men who move in accordance with their own strong traits of character, refusing to yolk up with others who have had a long experience in the work of God, will become blinded by self confidence, unable to discern between the false and the true.  It is not safe for such ones to be chosen as leaders in the church: for they would follow their own judgments and plans, regardless the judgment of their brethren.  It is easy for the enemy to work through those who, themselves needing council at every step, under take the guardianship of souls in their own strength, without having learned the lowliness of Christ.”  AA Pg. 279.



The nominating committee would comprise only ministers, Bible workers, and delegates.  These members should  be in good standing, of good judgment, and above all, have the welfare and prosperity of the church at heart,( individuals who are of a non-political nature.)


“He (God) has so arranged matters that chosen men shall go as delegates to our conferences.  These men are to be tried and proved.  They are to be trustworthy men.  The choosing of delegates to attend our conferences is an important matter.  These men are to lay the plans that shall be followed in the advancement of the work; and therefore they are to be men of understanding, able to reason from cause to effect.” See 8T 236,237 and 9T 262.




Candidates that you know and are familiar with, (more than likely from you own area), who meet the three requirements.  (1) Honest report. (2) Full of the Holy Ghost.  (3) Wisdom, should be chosen for nomination.


Note – It should be the rule that each one, nominates no more than one person.    Nomination should end with no more than 12 individuals.  The title or office should be stated at the time of nomination (ex.) – I nominate Bro. B to be treasure.  (No more than 3 person per office.)



Seven deacons whose portfolio can pass the porters inspection, and who are qualified for their various offices.  This can only be realized after each candidate is critique as to their spiritual and academic qualification.  Should there be more than one individual per office than it is recommended that they go and pray among themselves, allowing the Holy Spirit to choose who should be considered.  (See 9T 263,264 and 2SM 328)



The seven most qualified individuals will now constitute the newly elected deacons.  They should also retain the responsibility as head of departments.  Session or the new council can make this decision.  A thorough outline of their job description should also be stated, upon approval.



In Br. Houteff’s  government, he was the prophet, priest, judge, and minister, he also had ministers on his council and this has been used by individuals to formulate councils with ministers.


The government of Br. Houteff and his Executive Council were made up of 4 different governments: the Mosaic, the Davidic, the Ezraic, and the Apostolic governments.  The Apostles were ministers, and also the government of the New Testament church. Br. Houteff used the Apostles also as a counterpart in the establishment of his government.  This gave him the right to have ministers on the Council. In the days of the Apostles there was a Government of 12, and a Council of 7. The 12 constituted a government chosen by God.  The Council of 7 were made of deacons (servants) chosen by the people, then appointed by the 12.


It is the Council of 7 that we must use as our counterpart. Stephen was the Chairman of the 7 deacons.  AA, p. 97.  He was not a Vice President.  The V.P. was not a deacon, he was a priest or minister, and also an officer of the government.  Aaron was a high priest-Moses’ assistant, and E.T. Wilson was a minister –Br.Houteff’s assistant. “No type, no truth.”


O how wonderful it would be if we only would allow the Holy Spirit to take control instead of self.  I leave with you these words regarding the ministers as council members.


“Not a few ministers are neglecting the very work that they have been appointed to do.  Why are those who are set apart for the work of the ministry placed on committees and boards?  Why are they called upon to attend so many business meetings,  many times at great distance from their fields of labor?  Why are not business matters placed in the hands of businessmen?  The ministers have not been set apart to do this work.  The finances of the cause are to be managed by men of ability; but ministers are set apart for another line of work...Many of our ministers have done this work in the past, but it is not the work in which the Lord wishes them to engage...When they try to carry these burdens, they neglect to fulfill the gospel commission.  God looks upon this as a dishonor to His name.” GW 425.


Ministers have a higher calling.  “The time had come, the apostles stated, when the spiritual leaders having the oversight of the church should be relieved from the task of distributing to the poor and from similar burdens, so that they might be free to carry forward the work of preaching the gospel.” (AA pg. 89)


Our Ministers should constitute the standing delegate in which they would be free from the day to day problems. This would enable them to focus more on their purpose as a minister. Should there develop a problem in which the deacons cannot resolve, then the standing delegate, which constitute our ministers, (our spiritual leaders) would be called upon to resolve the situation.  This is the order that inspiration has laid down.


“The appointment of the seven to take the oversight of special lines of work, proved a great blessing to the church.  These officers gave careful consideration to individual needs as well as to the general financial interest of the church; and by their prudent management and their godly example, they were an important aid to their fellow-officers in binding together the various interest of the church into a united whole.”


“That this step was in the order of God, is revealed in the immediate results for good that were seen. ‘The word of God increased; and the number of the disciples multiplied in Jerusalem greatly; and a great company of the priests were obedient to the faith,’  This ingathering of souls was due both to the greater freedom secured by the apostles, and to the zeal and power shown by the seven deacons.  (AApg.89,90.)


My closing thoughts are found in TR 2 pages 65-68.  I highly recommend that you take the time to prayerfully read it.  May God bless you .


Your brother in Christ.

A Message From God To All Davidians